Teach Me Tuesday: What new filmmaking skills do you want to learn this year?

(Emma Drewry) #21

oh yeah, my entire life is on slack and team drives at this point. we’re crowdfunding in march so we’re not 100% sure of the budget, but we’re a pretty niche show (gay spy school) so we’re unsure of the exact budget we’ll have, but we’re thinking a few thousand. we’re budgeting as much as we can before we crowdfund, but we know it’ll all have to change!

(Emma Drewry) #22

for me, whenever i want to add depth to a script, i look at the characters more closely, and try to make it more real from their perspective. after that, i think about more long-term symbolism or metaphorical elements that would elevate it from a film analysis point of view, that can also add some dimension for an audience, even if they don’t pick up on it.

(Robbie Ru) #23

That’s interesting! I’ll definitely take this into consideration. Thank you!