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Well after months of transitions, we’ve finally recasted our lead actress for the role. It was a long time coming but we are very blessed with a wonderful talent. I have a question to ask filmmakers who post on digital media, do you often have by weeks for reruns? In other words, rather than rush and post new episodes every week, do you usually set a date for a rerun like a TV network?

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(Bri Castellini) #2

So far my shows haven’t had enough episodes to justify that, or were so plot-heavy it just wouldn’t be satisfying for the viewer. But more episodic creators might have more thoughts here- @ZackMorrison18 or @jonathankyall or @danielmhart?


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The thing is with TellyMime, it’s not necessarily plot-driven, but mainly its more educational and entertaining in nature.


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The characters serve as a guide for viewers to know about the world of television and pop culture, but we’re not as cynical as other reviewers as Nostalgia Critic, or Mr. Plinkett. We’re more Jenny Nicholson style that’s not afraid to speak out.


(Zack Morrison) #6

Thanks for looping me in @Bri_Castellini. I try to keep it fluid. The goal is to do a full episode each week (We Have A Show is a late night-style variety show, so we’re not narrative), but on weeks where we’re not gonna get an episode out, we try to do something. Whether it’s a social media thing, or post some behind the scenes material–anything to keep the conversation going even if we don’ t have a new episode.

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(Jonathan Kaplan) #7

The beauty of webseries is you dont have to follow rules, sometimes because you’re broke and treading water to get your show out, or because when nobody knows you, there are no expectations. If you disappear for a little bit, its understandable/forgivable by the people paying attention to your work. They know we are doing it from scratch and aren’t an established TV network.

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(Deb Ethier) #8

I do see where you’re coming from with the flexibility angle, and definitely bow to experience (I’m new to web series; more established with filmmaking); however I also think it’s important with a series to make a schedule and to stick to it, speaking as a viewer of series. As Zack suggested it doesn’t have to be a full episode, but something to keep your following (no matter how small, and mine IS SMALL) looking forward to weekly release day, and expecting something. I made a “bank” of micro-short stand-alone episodes that aren’t in the main story arc to use for this, and also some music video type things starring the characters. HOWEVER, my episodes are animated so no where NEAR as expensive to produce or difficult to organise as live action, so there is that consideration to take into account, too.


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That’s true. The reason for the reruns is because we’ve had a lot of setbacks (recastings, production delays, etc) but at the same time we’ve managed to keep the show going.

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(Deb Ethier) #10

Kudos for keeping it going through adversity!!! Just a thought (depending on your viewership); you might want to film a micro-short discussion about the setback itself, and how things are back on board now - put it up in lieu of an episode. Some audiences love being kept in the loop; depends on your comfort zone doing this sort of thing, though.


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I have done that via Facebook updates, to say the least.

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Sorry to bump the thread, but if I may ask, what are your thoughts about developing spin-offs based on characters? Also, how do you measure and determine success on YouTube, watch time or hits?


(Bri Castellini) #13

So I’ve never officially done spin offs, but I DID make two “extended universe” projects that existed within the world/referenced the main series that I really enjoyed.


(Mike Dreyden) #14

This has happened for us here at LAST CALL. There is a prequel series in the works but based on some of the responses we’ve gotten on one of our main characters, a spin off is being considered. I say, if the fans of your show are responding to something, give’m more.

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Thanks for the great advice! It means a lot.