The Future of Online Video with Valerian Bennett & Cassy Martinez: PopChest AMA

(Cassy Martinez) #21

Solid question, Chris. From a monetization standpoint, the more episodes/videos you upload and are able to drive audience to the better. From a creative standpoint, it may pay off to divide content into shorter pieces that you can push live and price separately.

(Anna Bateman) #22

Active! That’s a good thing too- there are web series communities on Reddit that are just like dumps of show links from people trying to get noticed and that’s really not useful for anyone.

(Jane) #23

I’d like to know more about finding and reaching an audience! Preferably before asking them for money, but if I can do both at once I’m not gonna complain :wink:

(Cassy Martinez) #24

Preach! Thanks for your sharing your 2 cents :raised_hands:

(Chris Hadley) #25

@cassypopchest Thanks, Cassy. That’s a great idea. For my web series, I’ve been thinking about ways to supplement the primary episodes with extra content. I’ve also wanted to do a longer length show for my next project, and dividing them into segments (or acts) might work better than asking people to just sit through something that’s 20-30 minutes or less.

(Chris Hadley) #26

@cassypopchest The web series I’m working on now has 3-5 minutes long episodes, on average. It’s a comedy, and that genre seems to be the most popular among web series.

(Anna Bateman) #27

Is there a community aspect on a viewer level on Popchest? Comments, forums, or something else? I think a lot of us worry that by moving content to places other than YouTube we’re going to miss out on the engagement we get, and moving a small audience from one site to another can lose a lot of people in the transition. I’d love to park it and generate an audience in one place, if that makes sense, unless you have advice on how else that can work?

(Chris Hadley) #28

@cassypopchest What do you feel would be the ideal price for short form content?

(Cassy Martinez) #29

Awesome question! As our platform begins to take shape, we see our user base’s demographics change quite frequently – it’s kinda rad actually. This change is largely thanks to our users and the audience they bring. For example, Yo Mama brought in an audience that was predominantly 18-34 males, whereas Magdalen Rose brought in predominantly females in that same age range.

(Meg Carroway) #30

That’s really interesting! Thanks!

(Meg Carroway) #31

Piggybacking here- is there ever a plan to do a subscription-based account? Per-view payment probably stacks up after a while and people might be willing to pay for a consistent plan.

(Valerian) #32

I think there’s a BIG opportunity here. Micropayments can offer a great way to spread a small amount over a large group and still make a serious impact. Think of it this way…

Last night I was watching Twitch. Yes, I watch fake soccer games on tv. And as the players are playing, someone tipped $5. That’s $5 to one person…the price of a crappy coffee. Now, imagine if you watched 100 videos and, rather than watch ads, you simply threw a nickel to the creators of those videos? That same $5 would be an extraordinary plus to all of those filmmakers.

Now, here’s where the future really gets exciting…

What if you never, ever, ever want to pay for anything? Well, the next stage of PopChest development will allow you to exchange your computer’s resources for access to the network. Encode video, store video, act as a peer-to-peer streamer and the network will give you tokens which you can then exchange to watch videos for “free”.

Welcome to the new world. :wink:

(Bri Castellini) #33

Psst @valerianpopchest @cassypopchest I’m gonna start highlighting unanswered questions in yellow to help you guys sort through :slight_smile: lots of people asking lots of things all at once can get crazy!

(Jaime Lancaster) #34

Can you explain this? I’m not really sure what that means or how it benefits anyone but mostly I just don’t now what it means :slight_smile:

(Rayne M) #35

Been a while, stareable! Glad I made it back for this, though, this is a really interesting company! Do you guys (@cassypopchest @valerianpopchest) have any advice on marketing? It’s hard enough to find viewers to watch our shows for free let alone for a few cents or bucks an episode. Obviously we’d love them to pay to watch so we can make more, but I’m not sure how to build an audience willing to do that.

(Bri Castellini) #36

Welcome back! And great question!

(Cassy Martinez) #37

Heya Ollie! Solid point and question. While we don’t require creators to upload exclusive content, we highly encourage them to build out a roll-out strategy of sharing content their audience can’t watch else where.

(Cassy Martinez) #38

At the moment, comedy is performing the best in terms of amount of content populating the platform. However, this can totally change overnight. LOL.

(Ollie R) #39

Do you work much with your individual uploaders? Helping them with roll out strategies and marketing tips?

(Chris Hadley) #40

@cassypopchest Any tips on using social media in conjunction with Popchest to increase viewer awareness/outreach for a series?