The Future of Online Video with Valerian Bennett & Cassy Martinez: PopChest AMA

(Valerian) #41

Have you been listening in to our development meetings?! LOL.

We’re definitely looking at ways for fans to continually support the Creators they love. The feature is called “PopChest Pledge”. It’s super, super early but we’ll keep you updated as we go along.

Plus, we’re always looking for feedback! Cheers. :raised_hands:

(Meg Carroway) #42

I’m just REALLY smart jk jk

What is a PopChest Pledge? Is it sort of like Patreon, but actually directly linked to the content instead of a third party website?

(Bri Castellini) #43

Boosting this question just in case it got lost because I think a lot of people are probably curious about the bitcoin choice :slight_smile:

(Cassy Martinez) #44

Now you’re talking my language! We’ve put lots of thought into creating a community-driven platform. You will find the typical community elements you find on sites like YouTube like commenting and sharing, and we’d love for you to join our Slack! Similar to Stareable’s active forum, we are aiming to grow our Slack into a lively and engaged community where you can one-on-one with our team and other users!

Also, we are super stoked to give back to our viewers in a very real and tangible way with technology we are rolling out in 2018. Cha-ching! #StayTuned

(Valerian) #45

Yeah, I hate to get too geeky…but I love the opportunity! So, here goes…

When you watch a video online, it’s actually not one video file. It’s a series of packets that get delivered from a central server (…such as YouTube or Facebook). Here is PopChest’s unique twist: If you are watching a video and I want to watch the same video, I can get whatever packets I don’t have from you. Then, if someone else wants to watch the same video, they can get packets from both of us…and on and on. All of this happens in the background so all you’d see is your wallet balance increasing because you are providing a valuable service to the network.

By creating a peer-to-peer video network, we end the reliance on YT/FB and thus end all of the really bad monetization and economic censorship issues that are a direct result of having a centralized authority in charge. In short, if we rely on each other to run the network then we can be free to make whatever we want.

Make sense?

(Cassy Martinez) #46

Totally! Here to help. If you’re interested in chatting more, find me on PopChest’s Slack –

(Anna Bateman) #47

That’s really cool! What kind of promotional help does Popchest offer its creators? Especially when trying to establish themselves on your platform/with the existing Popchest users?

(Ollie R) #48

Can you give me an example of what that help would look like? Like if I were to say “hey I have a new comedy episode coming out tomorrow. Where should I tell people about it?” what would be that help?

(Jaime Lancaster) #49

I THINK I get it… how does that effect the people’s internet who are “loaning packets”?

And in light of the net neutrality reversal that just went down… how does that/will that affect you guys?

(Meg Carroway) #50

I am definitely curious!

(Rodrigo Diaz Ricci) #51

I have tested your service for a few months and I find it very interesting. I am also studying other companies that differ with you because they are completely decentralized. Do you see in the future opt for that same system? Is it a good option?

(Bri Castellini) #52

Signal boost- think this might have gotten lost!

(Cassy Martinez) #53

Hiya Rayne, thanks for your question and I feel your pain! Believe this response can tackle @SLJane’s Q on finding/reaching audience as well:

As we chatted about earlier in the forum, it is key to have your content live exclusively on a platform that makes sense and puts some cash in your pocket. One clear destination to watch your content helps you craft the most coherent directive of where to watch and how to contribute.

Personally I’m a fan of social media marketing – you can really move the needle with $5-10 a day with hyper-targeted social ads driving to your video exclusively on PopChest. Past creators have also found success in transparency with their viewers. Meaning, being clear with their audience that their content has a price point, but that it is going directly to making more content for them to consume. This helps position the creative process as more collaborative. Honesty is the best policy!

Let’s chat about this more after the AMA! Find me on Slack –

(Valerian) #54

Bitcoin, blockchain, Ethereum…it’s everywhere! WTF does it all mean? :smile:

Ultimately, we are building a distribution platform where Creators and fans can come together without any third-party in between (…including PopChest itself). Obviously we have a LOT of work to do, but that’s the goal.

So, take this recent kerfuffle with Patreon. Patreon arbitrarily said, “Hey. This is what you’re going to get paid.” And people were like, “Whuuut?!” The situation seems to be (temporarily) resolved. But why should any one company have the power to arbitrarily decide what you are worth? YouTube should not have that power (…which they continually exercise at will). Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, advertisers, PayPal all have that power over Creators.

We think there should be another option. Blockchain technology allows true peer-to-peer platforms to exist. So, here we are!

(Rayne M) #55

$5-10 a day is $35-70 a week, though, and with a new episode every week (going by a normal release schedule) that adds up… and is a lot of money since a lot of us are students. Do you have any marketing advice (other than making sure we promote to a single source/link, which is smart!!) that we can do without having to pay to get it seen?

(Bri Castellini) #56

So why bitcoin, then? What is the value of choosing Bitcoin over regular currency?

(Cassy Martinez) #57

Can you give me an example of what that help would look like? Like if I were to say “hey I have a new comedy episode coming out tomorrow. Where should I tell people about it?” what would be that help?

Believe these two questions could be addressed together in our last minute:

We offer promotion on our social channels and weekly email digests highlighting creators that are sharing game-changing content. We are looking to champion creators like yourselves as our platform takes shape!

As for the help we can offer, we can definitely chat about techniques and tactics that move the needle in terms of viewership! We love to see our creators try new things and see what hits.

(Bri Castellini) #58

That about does it for today, folks! Thanks SO MUCH @cassypopchest and @valerianpopchest for being here and answering questions for us! Definitely check out PopChest and hopefully we’ll see them both in our forums more often :slight_smile:

(Meg Carroway) #59

Thank you, all! Lots to think about!

(Jaime Lancaster) #60

Thank you!