The Future of Online Video with Valerian Bennett & Cassy Martinez: PopChest AMA

(Cassy Martinez) #61

Thanks you for having us, Bri! Lots of thoughtful questions and dialogue.

As mentioned in a couple responses, feel free to continue the conversation with me on PopChest’s Slack –


(Valerian) #62

Hey Ollie! We really need to beef up all the “normal” things one would expect from any video service before we can call ourselves ready for prime time. Admittedly, our analytics is lacking. Automated emails and notifications need improvement. Our peer-to-peer video distribution system needs much more testing. And, on and on! It’s a big endeavor to compete with the largest corporations in the world (Google, Facebook). LOL!

But, I take comfort in the fact that Gmail was in beta for five years. Hahahhahaaa!

(Valerian) #63

Thanks so much everyone! Feel free to join us at PopChest. :raised_hands:

(Chris Hadley) #64

@cassypopchest @valerianpopchest Thanks guys! Enjoyed it, and wishing you the very best of success with PopChest!

(Valerian) #65

First off, your PopChest channel is awesome! So much detail in the animations.

Re: completely decentralized… Our approach is to set the goal of decentralization (aka not don’t be evil, but can’t be evil). We’re taking it step-by-step to ease the community into it. Otherwise, we’re going to scare people away with the technology rather than have it be a liberating force.

Thanks for being part of PopChest!

(Rodrigo Diaz Ricci) #66

Cool! You’re right!
Thanks for the answer!