The most Basic question of all: where do you get your inspiration?

(Bri Castellini) #1

As annoying as it is for people to ask this… where DO y’all get your ideas? If that’s too broad a question, where did your latest idea (for your show or for a character, scene, or arc) come from? @Writers

Sam and Pat came from a conversation I had with my friend and co-star Chris about how he was worried he was depressing his therapist. Brains came from me thinking about what zombie tropes I hadn’t seen explored to my satisfaction (I landed on- “why do we think of zombies moaning ‘braaaaains’ when usually they’re depicted as eating all flesh?” and also “wouldn’t it be funny if my character in a zombie how was a brain scientist?”)

(Arthur Vincie) #2

Anger and frustration are usually good sources of inspiration. And dreams. I usually have characters or a character in my head for a while and then the plot comes from thinking about what the characters are doing. The story mutates a lot until I write it down, then it pretty much stays the same.

(Herman Wang) #3

Maybe it’s weird but I do my best creative thinking when I’m working out. It must get me in the right headspace for generating random connections.

I’ve found people’s best work comes from things they’re passionate about, rather than things they think “will sell”. It seems to give that extra boost of creativity.

(Deb Ethier) #4

The whole Yorick idea came from a brief lucid dream where the skull in Hamlet shot laser beams out of his eyes because he’d had enough with being Hamlet’s prop :crazy_face:. Needless to say, the idea went through a lot of rearranging and development before it became what it is. I tend to find when I’m at rest or nearing sleep a lot of things that have been in the background get worked out or come to the fore…guess that’s my “right headspace” (I like that concept, Herman!).
It’s really difficult to say exactly what triggers film ideas; personal experiences, strong emotional response to something, the weird and wonderful or a combination of many things. I’ve kept volumes of notebooks since 1976, just jotting down ideas that I find profound or funny or baffling; I often go back and look through these for inspiration (the whole “oh, yeah - I forgot about that” thing).

(Jonathan Kaplan) #5

A lot of ideas come from joking around with friends and pushing an idea further and further unto absurdity or where it feels exciting. For my latest project Grading Animals w/ JKAPS we improvised the concept on my podcast, and then I wanted so bad to explore and invest in it because I couldn’t stop riffing on it.

(Gareth Brierley) #6

Whenever I’ve had to Pitch a idea to someone or a industry high up I have a nightmare. I can’t quite get the idea across or I talk to much and get diverted. So for PITCHES we took that concept, and made it so that the man delivering his very bad pitches is alone in his house doing it online, getting more desperate for someone to like his idea while his world slowly falls apart.

(Chris Hadley) #7

The inspiration for my web series The Late, Late News came from this:

I originally wrote a sketch where an anchorman is attempting to report serious news, but constantly gets interrupted by breaking news of a teen pop singer’s DUI arrest (the name in this one was changed to “Jeremy Boober”), complete with his screaming fans standing outside the courthouse and being interviewed on TV.

Due to lack of time and resources, I had to dump the script and come up with other ideas. Eventually the first produced episode of the show dealt with the net neutrality debate (as it was in 2014) and the rest was history.

That being said, doing a web series that has at least some ties to current events is not easy when you’re making it as a first time creator/producer that, again due to zero budget, scheduling issues and limited resources, doesn’t have the ability to put out content with as much frequency as SNL or The Daily Show.

(Yard Lion Films) #8

Plenty of inspiration:
Stock photos namely at Flickr, Gettys, etc.
Looking at other content as well.

After working on one short, I had to scrape the barrel in terms of finding the right talent as well as going with the limited resources, so I felt that a self-taping web series would suffice.

(Thomas McGilvray) #9

Do you ever listen to a really good song and imagine some beautiful landscape you’re traveling through that goes with the song? When you’re walking through the woods, do you wonder if there’s a secret world hidden in the bushes just beyond your sight? That’s the idea behind URTH.