The Real Trap Queenz of the OC WEBSeries | SEASON 1

Meet Anastasia & Aubrey - 2 sisters who were separated at birth and raised in different foster homes all the way into their young adulthood. After years of longing to know their real parents and siblings, the girls are presented with an opportunity of a lifetime. BKRTV Network gave these two ladies a reality show to document their experience with not only meeting each other for the first time, but to also coexist and build a strong sisterhood in the process. Although very different in appearance, personality and social classes, the ladies actually have a lot more in common than meets the eye. The Real Trap Queenz of the O.C. is reality gold.

My name is Rod Brown and I am one of the founders of the BurKenRodTV brand, as well as the creator and producer of the webseries The Real Trap Queenz of the OC. I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science and an amazing creative energy to make magic with visuals. The concept of the webseries is to make a mockery of the current reality tv shows, with a spin of comedy of our own. The goal is to always stay true to self & to be the best you at all times!

To clarify- this show is nonfiction and unscripted? Just to make sure no one critiques the writing if there is none :slight_smile:

Yes the show is nonfictional & unscripted

How much was staged to complete the story? Was anything reenacted?

The whole entire season was staged & no reenactment was needed

How did they find out about each other??? That’s so exciting! One of them mentions she’s heard a lot about the other, but how is that possible if they were separated at birth?

When you say the entire season was staged, you mean that it was faked? That’s what I meant by staged- a situation was fabricated to tell the story, usually done via reenactments of things the camera couldn’t capture (a lot of times transitions in reality shows are staged- they can’t always have cameras seeing people walk up stairs, knock on doors, etc, but those shots are important for the show’s continuity so sometimes they film them at a later time to stitch in)

:joy::joy::joy: that’s funny to ask! You’re probably talking about Anastasia. Well, although they were separated at birth, their foster parents did give their insight on who each other were, being told that each has a sister, but not knowing each other names until their adult years

i have to say, based on the first episode, i think you’re pulling our leg. there isn’t a single thing that happens in that episode that feels real or genuine- it all feels really staged and fake. even if these are real women reunited after years apart, there’s no way one of them has a phone conversation stating the theme and purpose of the show that clearly. they were coached, or they were scripted. only two possibilities. if it’s a fake reality show with a fake premise, that’s fine, but it seems weird to try and pretend like it isn’t, and that makes me not trust you or the two characters enough to feel comfortable continuing to watch.

if i would give advice, it would be to be upfront with the reality of the show, because it’s not a reality show. it’s a scripted parody of one, with what appears to be two men in drag, and that’s fine, but be up front about that. and better lighting would help without costing much extra- it’s pretty low quality, and better lighting is cheaper than better camera equipment.

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So why were they separated at all? And why didn’t they ever meet each other?? I’m distressed by these circumstances!

My apologies. I am really just waking up, and catching the responses. We are new to filming a webseries and still grasping on the concepts of putting it together. The idea we was going for, was that we was making a parody of reality shows, but doing it our way that our audience would understand. It wasn’t to confuse anyone. Yes, we are aware that there is 2 guys in a wig as women characters, but to also portrays the daily struggles of dealing with the reality of being themselves as Anastasia & Aubrey, as women.

Good to know- so in the future, “nonfiction” refers to real people doing real things, and unscripted means there’s no script and the reactions are genuine and not thought about beforehand, so when you said that it was nonfiction and unscripted, that was definitely confusing. A big piece of advice from me, then, would be similar to what Sam said- be up front that it’s fake and a parody.

Can I ask why you decided to cast men in wigs instead of casting women for these roles?

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Season 1 of the webseries to us, is like a pilot season, with a lot of questions that we wanted to save for season 2, which the theme we was going for is the element of surprises. I’m glad that you’re asking these questions, because we can utilize it for Season 2 :blush:

Hi Rod, it’s a zany premise that could be fun to explore. I wonder if, given their personalities and what they talk about, this might work better as a vlog format.

Like @Bri_Castellini, I do also wonder why you didn’t cast women in these roles.

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Thank you so much for your viewpoint. I agree, the lighting should be better, hence is why we made this season a pilot season, because the webseries itself is on a beginner level. We wanted this season to be filled with questions and whys, to leave room for more to add on for season 2. The characters are just characters, doing improv within the scene alone and I do apologize if you feel that we wasn’t upfront.

gotcha. upfront is better for sure. also, it’s a dangerous precedent to say that you’re going to make something without a plot (filling a season with just questions and no answers) and without good production quality just because it’s a “pilot season.” a pilot’s purpose it to make people want to watch more, so you should put your best foot forward- best production quality, best story and plot, and all of that. take longer to plan and release if money is an issue. a pilot should show us what we can expect from the rest of the show, and i don’t know if i would watch based on what you’ve given us.

The reason why we did not cast women as the characters, is because our goal was to defy against the norm and be different. We study the trends and we do our best to flip the script and make it our own way. In today’s entertainment world, there are current characters who are influencers, using their platfom for comedy and entertainment on social media outlets, but we chose to put it into a webseries and build a storyline to make into seasons of dramedy and a mix of entertainment and shade, so that we can share it to the world, even if others disagree :blush:

So you do plan on making more episodes? Do you expect there to be a big improvement in production quality, and if so, how, and why wasn’t your first season given the same resources? Did you have a professional crew helping film it, or were you all beginners?

(shameless plug- we have a whole series on how to make a web series from start to finish that you guys might find useful- click here to read, and pay attention to the posts with numbers)

Thank you for your response Pablo. As far as the women character, see @Bri_Castellini comment responses :blush:

I see. I will say, because your show is a parody, it seems rather sexist to put men in wigs instead of casting women, especially given that reality TV is one of the only genres where there are more equal numbers of women to men in the casts. Also, because it’s a parody, it seems like you’re calling women themselves a joke if you recast them as men, rather than the style of show a joke. I’m not sure you gain much by casting men instead, so perhaps that could be a consideration moving forward- looking at your show and your story and deciding what each choice says about the thing you’re parodying. What do you gain and lose by making different choices? What do you want to portray to the audience? And is this choice more distracting than it is helpful to the story?