THURSDAY: AMA with Carmilla producer/co-creator Stephanie Ouaknine

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Press for/more info about Steph

If you can’t make it to the AMA Thursday, or just want to get in early, leave comments below with questions for her! Topics may include:

  • Brand collaborations for creative/narrative content
  • Making a living via indie productions
  • Using Tumblr and fandom to your marketing advantage
  • and more! It’s ask me ANYTHING, after all :slight_smile:
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Get hyped!

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One issue I have as a an emerging artist is balancing branding with personal expression. It seems that if I want to be an artist, I have to be sure to brand myself through social media and my work (instagram, publishing writing, etc). Since I want art to be self expression and business, how do you balance the two?

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Which would you rather be: a hamster the size of a Rhino, or a rhino the size of a hamster?

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Look forward to it!

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Question from a friend (legit!): what is the secret to your perfect hair?! The world has to know! (Sorry, I had all these perfectly intellectual questions lined up, but she beat me to it and now I have to ask!)

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When you guys chose Carmilla as a viable copyright-free source for a new webseries, were you aware not only of the possibility of retelling a biased story, but that very story had been a landmark of a kind in lesbian literature, or at least it had been regarded and read as such by many generations of women between the 19th and 20th century, having to absorb its somehow toxic and ambiguous symbolic level in order to read SOMETHING that echoed a representation? Because that’s what you guys did, retell a significant story for generations of queer women, falling in a direct line of culture, retelling it in the way even previous generations needed to read/see it.

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(Sara Biga) #8

Do you have any tips for how to practically organize work schedules and manage resources (for a web series or other creative work)? Because you seem to be astoundingly good at it - or at least this is the impression we have as fans.

AMA with Steph Ouaknine (Carmilla/Other Gay Things!)
AMA with Steph Ouaknine (Carmilla/Other Gay Things!)
AMA with Steph Ouaknine (Carmilla/Other Gay Things!)
(Steph O) #9

Hi gang!

I’m Steph at Shaftesbury in Toronto, and I’ve produced original digital series for global brands such as U by Kotex, Tetley Tea, Matua Wine & Schick, as well as 150+ episodes of scripted short form series for broadcasters and streamers. I am now part of the television development team working with a vast network of writers to option, create, develop and pitch hour long dramas to AMC, HULU, Netflix, ITV, Corus, Bell, UKTV and more. Lots to talk about where the division between digital/“broadcast” is concerned.

I’ve co-created, developed and produced Carmilla, the award-winning multi-platform series. Over the course of three seasons, the digital series garnered a worldwide and passionate audience topping 70 million views, earning myself and our team a Cannes Lion Award, Banff Rockie Award, multiple Canadian Screen Awards, Webby, Shorty and Streamy Awards nominations, as well as the CSA Fan’s Choice Award for Carmilla actresses Natasha Negovanlis and Elise Bauman for two consecutive years. In 2018, we took home MIPTV’s “Brand Content of the Year” Award.

I also produced Inhuman Condition, a 33-part digital series named “one of six webseries that deserve to move to TV” by The Guardian, and #2 on the Top 10 Digital Series of 2016 by Paste Magazine. Now in development with Star Trek’s Akiva Goldsman.

Would love to chat about all the things we did wrong throughout the years, and right! PS - our first digital original was back in 2011. “Totally Amp’d” for

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A rhino the size of a hamster. Why not. Can get in anywhere.

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Why do you see those as mutually exclusive? Especially now - where you really have to self yourself and your vision/dreams/fears in the most raw way possible.

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Hah! Thanks for the compliment. Usually it’s as dry as a witch’s broom. On good days it’s DivaCurl :wink:

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Oh are we doing the whole AMA here this week? (hi Steph!!)

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Moving to a new thread shortly- sorry folks! I’ll link all questions here over to the main thread, promise! Everyone will get answered!

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@StephInTeevee Hey Stephanie! waves Welcome and thanks for joining us today for this AMA! Since you’ve worked on branded content in the past, what tips do you have for writers who want to subtly integrate a specific brand of product without it coming across too much like an advertisement? How have you worked brand mentions into your screenplays and series projects?

AMA with Steph Ouaknine (Carmilla/Other Gay Things!)
AMA with Steph Ouaknine (Carmilla/Other Gay Things!)
AMA with Steph Ouaknine (Carmilla/Other Gay Things!)
(Steph O) #16

While it certainly was a cautionary tale against the ‘evils of lesbianism,’ it was also one of the few quasi-explicit queer texts of its time. It was definitely due for a subversive, feminist and queer as hell retelling. So thanks, Ellen Simpson :slight_smile:

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Ooops! Not here! My bad.

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No worries! Also remember to quote reply using the little dialog box so we can easily see what you’re answering :slight_smile:

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@Bri_Castellini Thanks for hosting these great chats, Bri, and for inviting Stephanie (and all guests) to be on!

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My pleasure! New thread incoming, all!