To Anybody Who's Made A Second Season of A Web Series

Hello, creators! It’s Chris from Nice Dude Productions.

I wrote and directed a web series called Moved In. It’s my first show, and I absolutely loved making it and showing it to the world. I’ve started picking at writing a second season, writing out some plot outlines, goals, etc.

My question is to those who’ve made a second season to their show, what advice would you have for us moving forward? If you made a second season, how was it received in comparison to the first season of your show? Should I take it in very different directions, or keep it comfortable and familiar? I know this is entirely my creative decision, but I’m genuinely curious what you guys have done in your experiences and why.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to discussing!

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Our second season was fairly different for a few reasons:

  1. One of our leads had to leave the production because of issues involving the Canadian actor’s union (I won’t even get into that here), but luckily we had enough warning that we managed to work it into an in-universe plot point. It did change the tone of the show though; not better or worse, just different.
  2. We started doing block shooting of the entire season, instead of the episode-by-episode way we shot Season 1. In a larger sense, I and the rest of the team had a little more experience under our belts, so all aspects of production improved somewhat. You can definitely see our show getting better production quality as you go through it.

Wrote a whole article about this very topic! 7 Ways to Make Your Second Season Better Than Your First


Beautiful! Thank you!

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That sounds stressful, dealing with one of your leads leaving production. For our show, that’d be physically impossible to pull off, so kudos to you guys! We definitely plan to improv aspects of productions ourselves, that’s an interesting idea to shoot it as one fat project. We may or may not have to go about it that way!

Thanks for your input!


Congrats man!


Ha! A lot of what @hermdelica said applies to my show as well. We shot continuously rather than episode by episode, which is better for budgeting/scheduling purposes. We also had to recast our lead for the 2nd season. It wasn’t as stressful as you’d think, but every situation is different. The name of the game is to up the ante. We tried to get better locations and for the most part I feel we definitely improved as far as production value goes.