TODAY: AMA with Kate Hackett (actor, filmmaker, Patreon success story)

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Press for/more info about Kate

Kate was also our first ever AMA host, so you can check out her last one from almost exactly a year ago here! @HackettKate

If you can’t make it to the AMA tomorrow, leave comments below with questions for Kate! Topics may include:

  • Her Patreon strategy
  • Funding her latest short, The Long Dig, by means other than crowdfunding
  • Acting
  • How to multitask as a producer/writer/actor
  • Literally anything- Kate’s a wizard and we’re lucky to have her around!
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Hello, Kate - Thanks for sharing your experience and taking questions. What attracts you to a role or project? Also, do you you have a preference of comedy vs. drama?

AMA with Kate Hackett!
AMA with Kate Hackett!