Toronto folks- come hang out with me!

Hey folks-

I’ll be traveling to Toronto for the first time ever to attend TO Web Fest and speak on a panel thingy, and I’d love to meet y’all! Scheduled an event for Thursday the 24th if you can make it:


Too bad I am not there at the moment, as it would be lovely to meet you in real life, Bri.

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Will you be there on the 24th? :smiley:

I really don’t think I’ll be able to get there (I would just skip school on friday but I have work too) but I’m probably going to hit up the webfest on saturday? maybe? I’m still figuring it out but I’m hoping to see your panel thingy!!

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No, I was there from December - March. Not sure when I will be back next, but it won’t be that week, as I am heading to Victoria attend a travel marketplace, to hopefully make some potential partners for Naturally Ours.

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Totally understandable- just let me know when you’re around and we’ll try to meet up!! Maybe we can grab a coffee on Saturday when you’ll presumably be off school/work?

Gotcha gotcha. Tbh I assume anyone in Canada can get to anywhere else in Canada very easily because my grasp on geography and other countries is very, very weak.


Once a European colleague asked about driving from Toronto to see the Rockies for the weekend :slight_smile:


like the mountains or the baseball team in Colorado? Because based on my knowledge of where Colorado is and thus where that mountain range traverses, in either case that’s hilarious. Also, friggin Europeans have even LESS sense of space because their countries are so tiny.

Exactly - driving to a whole other country for the weekend is a perfectly normal thing there

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Thanks for that little chuckle, Herman and @Bri_Castellini. Yeah, I’m on the other side of those Rockies at the moment. Once I’m on the Island for the travel marketplace, I’ll be as far west from Toronto as you possibly get, while still being in Canada.

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Hi Bri, the event is in July is it not, but you’re there on May 24th, is the speak on a panel thingy separate from the event?

This is from 8 months ago, last year’s event. : )

LOL! Oh, will you be there this year?

If they’ll have me back!