TOWebFest (Toronto) Roll Call

(Herman Wang) #1

Is anyone travelling to my hometown Toronto for this year’s TOWebFest? I’d enjoy meeting more of you in person!

(Cam Faull) #2

Hi Herman,
I just arrived last night! I’d love to meet you and some fellow creators.
Count me in for any catch ups. Pretty much free tonight and tomorrow night (although I’m getting back from a Niagara Falls tour @ 8:30 tomorrow. Outside of that, I’m hitting up all things TO WebFest. Looking forward to meeting yourself and fellow content creators.

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(Herman Wang) #3

Hi Cam,

Tonight’s not good for me, but we can aim for something tomorrow night after you get back from the Falls. Let me put out some feelers.

The first thing I’m doing at TOWebFest is the Thursday night opening party, and I’ll be there most of Friday and Saturday.

(Cam Faull) #4

Fantastic! Let’s aim for tomorrow then. Feel free to hit me up on FB Messenger for any plans. Catch you soon :slight_smile: