Trump Episode for Sci Fi Webseries

(Phillip Lewis ) #1

I’m releasing four episodes of my webseries mid June and would like to have some feedback on the Trump Episode. Here is the screenplay. Let me know what you think.

(Herman Wang) #2
  • Short and sweet, perfect web series size
  • Topical content, something people might be more likely to share
  • The producer in me sees several challenges: casting a lookalike actor, getting a plane interior set, doing a creature either with practical or CGI
(Phillip Lewis ) #3

Its all going to be 3d animated. It’s almost complete. I’ve got all the 3d models done, the character rigged and animatic almost complete. Here is the voice artist reading the screenplay.

Voice Artist:

Trump_Smile Ts

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(Phillip Lewis ) #4

Here’s the creature


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