(Evie Marie Warner) #1

I should probably have my head examined. It isn’t complete. Just preliminary. It doesn’t include location insurance, SAG issues (I need unemployment ensurance or something. I always get the name wrong) I might need a stunt cordinator for a few scenes. Maybe a few stunt people. This series is more complex than anything else I have ever done and my last short film was small crew which worked out great. But if any of you had scene the script, you would understand how daunting this is. I really want to do something that is similar to what you see in NCIS or Blue Bloods. Just your typical cop shows.
probably can’t do it but I’m trying and going to try and see where it takes me. This is what i got so far on the budget. I talk soon to the guy who read the script and wanted to help fund it. So we will see,

(Kate Hackett) #2

I’m not following this budget breakdown. Here’s what it looks like it should be:

10 Day shoot - Actors (10 days) 5 total @ 125 each = 6250
1 day shoot - Actors (1 day) 3 total @ 125 each = 375

DP @ 1500 per day or total for 10 days???

Other Camera Dept (4 people) @ 125/day = 5000
Lighting Dept (3 people) @ 125/day = 3750

Sound Stuff @ 625 / day = 6250

Scripty @ 500/day = 5000

Wardrobe = 1500
Location = 5000
Meals - at least $10/head for meals, I counted 17 crew = 1700
Crafty = 500

And your total for the 10 days looks like 36835, assuming your DP is actually 1500 all in and not 1500/day. If he is 1500/day, it’s 50325.

You’re missing a director, General Liability (at least 1000), and workers comp/payroll for your actors (and crew, tbh, if you are doing it by the book). I’d expect that to run at least another 1000.

Stunt people are even pricier, and it drives up your insurance costs. They are also a different day rate than normal SAG actors, I think.

ALSO – 12 hours is standard. I’d recalculate all of the pay for 12 hour days. If you’re working 80 hours (and don’t forget, you have to take off one for lunch every day), that knocks this shoot down from 10 days to 7 and will save you significantly.

(Evie Marie Warner) #3

yeah, i know stuff is missing. I got lots that i need to fix and fill in and is preliminary. I wasn’t intended this as complete list. It is a work in progress. 12 hours is not always standard . It will depend on how much we are actually filming that day. My last shoot…we didn’t do a 12 hour day. It wasn’t necessary. Sorry but yeah. probably not doing 10 dollars a person for food. I don’t think I have ever done that and last time there was so much food left over it was rediculous. Most then likely I am not going to be able to do this webseries… Not if I do it SAG. oh well. I’ll have fun with it while it lasts. My last film one day shoot less than 12 hours was 1,200 bucks for one day. But we didn’t get liability insurance, etc. and it wasn’t SAG.

(Evie Marie Warner) #4

Part of it is when I tell my Dp what I can afford to do he is going to drop the project like a hot potato. And i won’t have DP and won’t have his equipment or anything.

(Kate Hackett) #5

You can do this for SIGNIFICANTLY less and still hire SAG actors. Yeah, payroll, workers comp, and insurance are stupid, but you’re spending money where you don’t need to spend it and cutting on things you 100% do need. Here’s what I’d shell out here, and first I would absolutely do 12 hour days like every other shoot ever. It saves you money. This is recalculated for SEVEN days:

10 Day shoot - Actors (7 days) 5 total @ 150 each = 5250
GET RID OF SEVERAL ROLES. Combine people. slash this.
1 day shoot - Actors (1 day) 3 total @ 150 each = 375
GET RID OF SEVERAL ROLES. Combine people. slash this.

DP @ 200 per day = 1400

Other Camera Dept (4 people) @ 150/day = 4200
Lighting Dept (3 people) @ 150/day = 2625

Sound Stuff @ 200 / day = 1400
You don’t need a boom op AND a mixer, get someone who does both

Scripty @ no/day = 0
Why? cut this.

Wardrobe @ 150/day = 1050 FOR THE PERSON DOING THE JOB.
+ 500 (I’m not sure what your shoot entails) for the actual outfits
Location = 2500
find somewhere cheaper. fewer days helps too. find somewhere that doesn’t require insurance.
Meals - at least $10/head for meals, I counted 16 crew = 1120
you cannot skimp here. You CAN call local food trucks and try to get free food.
Crafty = 500
you cannot skimp here.

Director @ 150/day = 1050

You are also missing equipment rentals, which – all over the board here. If your DP brings stuff, woo hoo! You can find people with gear for 200/day.

Revised total? 22000. You can slash your 7 person camera/lighting department to 5 and be more than fine, which would knock off another 1750 & bring you to 20250.

SAG P&H is going to run 17.5% of your cast budget, which adds 984.38.
Workers comp, I’m guessing, in the 1000 range. Same for insurance.

So you’re running a good 20k-30k on this. There is still room to slash and dash; I recommend killing off characters (that’s a shitload of actors), camera/lighting, finding a pro bono director maybe.

(Evie Marie Warner) #6

as i mentioned, still work in progress. I know stuff is missing. im directing it. so the director will be pro bono. No DP I know will do this for 200 a day. My last DP, cost me a1000 bucks a day. I should not have posted this. I think what you guys expereinc of what can be done and what I’m constantly having to deal with is just worlds apart.

(Monica Quinn) #7

You can save some money on insurance / permits if you become fiscally sponsored by a nonprofit. I would recommend Fractured Atlas. We saved $3000 by doing that on our pilot presentation. Also, you can reallocate that money elsewhere. There are other places in this budget that you can cut down as well.

(Kate Hackett) #8

I’m a working professional in the LA market. I know how much things cost.

Work in progress is fine, but when people offer insight or help, you can’t get flippant about it.

Good luck with your shoot.

(Kate Hackett) #9

Smart idea!!

(Evie Marie Warner) #10

this is why I have not been back. I wasn’t being flippant. I was tyring to be polite as I could You ripped in to everything I did when I just didnt’ need you to. This wasn’t your propduction. You never read the script. You are not the producer. You were a little bit over the top. I iddnt’ need you telling me things like how many characters I should. I iddnt’ ask for that kind of advice, and It wasn’t your place to tell me if I should.

I didn’t need you shredding this the way that you did. I have been doing this for four years. This was a very ambitious web series I was attempting to do. And I am sorry, but it was going to cost me around 50k to do it right. And I actually did a shoot out in LA not too long ago.
I know more about what I am doing than you give me credit for. Again, I wasn’t being flippant, I was being at polite as I could be with the way you ripped into it line by line when I didn’t need you to. Your tone just didn’t come across very well on a message board.