Video viewing for non-public videos?

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a tech solution for doing an online video premiere/conference for an invite-only group of people. These are the options that won’t work for me:

  • Doing the premiere IRL - the people are spread around North America
  • Doing a YouTube Premiere - you can’t do this with an Unlisted video
  • Doing a Facebook Watch Party - same problem as above, the video has to be public and I don’t want that right now
  • “Presenting” the video in a Google Hangout or something similar - while this would work for low-bandwidth business puposes, it won’t give the sound and video quality I’m looking for

My current plan is to do this the clumsy way, which is:

  • Start a conference (Google Hangouts or something similar) to get everyone together
  • Group-chat a link to an Unlisted YouTube video
  • Tell everyone to go watch it and come back to the conference after

I’d prefer something more nicely integrated - anyone know any recommended products or have bright ideas? I can’t be the first person who needs this kind of setup.

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I guess the question is… what are you hoping for outside of access to the video premiere? Do you want to do a Q&A (on video or in text?), do you want to lead a discussion, or do you just want to chat afterwards? The unlisted YT video makes sense to me for the video part… what about a slack group? Post the Unlisted video and have folks chat- you could even set up channels where people can talk/ask questions of specific teammates or about specific topics? Conspiracy theory channel, actor channel, etc

I’d prefer video and verbal interaction, rather than just chat/text. The idea is to make this more personal for this group of people, more like an IRL premiere.

If you’re referring to Slack the product, I’d never heard of it before so thanks. Seems like for my purposes it would serve more or less the same function as Hangouts.

Slack is like instant messaging on crack- I’ve used it at Stareable and now at Seed&Spark. you could also do a live talk back too there- there’s a video chat function.

I think video and verbal interaction for a large group is gonna be hard online, just because it’s hard enough to have a conference call or webinar without people talking over each other since not everyone has the same internet speed/can see. Curious what other folks advice will be though- it’s a super cool idea!

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@Producers @dontsuckseries

I’ll “downgrade” my expectations to chat if I have to :slight_smile: , but I would at least like to verbally introduce and thank everyone, that’s always better with a personal touch.

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Pre-filmed video? :wink:

It would be weird introducing someone who didn’t happen to show up :slight_smile:

What if you did a screen share within a google hangout or a zoom meeting? If you can share your audio, it would be almost identical to everyone watching the same screen. And afterward, you’d all be in the same space to discuss.

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Can you just host the meeting in Zoom and screenshare. Zoom is amazing and you can record meetings, sessions too :slight_smile: Good Luck!

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Sharing video over Hangouts stutters a lot on the receiving end. But I’ll check out Zoom, thanks

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I’m checking out Zoom now, thanks.

(Two mentions of Zoom within five minutes - I smell a marketing plant :wink: )

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So I ended up going with a combination of Google Hangouts Meet (which I’ve since learned is slightly different from plain Google Hangouts) and jumping out to an unlisted YouTube video.

Setup was easy, I just had to send a link for everyone to join the Meet. It worked reasonably well for the participants, and everyone was well-behaved in terms of speaking one at a time in the Meet. I’d probably do the same again the next time this situation comes up, unless something more integrated comes out.

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