Vrumble App Partnerships?

(Katrina Basnett) #1

I just got a message on Twitter from something called Vrumble looking to partner with webseries. Has anyone else gotten a similar message? I’m having trouble figuring out if they’re legit.

(Bri Castellini) #2

Hm, I haven’t received a message from them, but they look like just a new distributor. Anyone heard anything about them? @georgereese @ronVceo @Alex_LeMay @SnobbyRobot?

(George Reese) #3

Never heard of them.

(George Reese) #4

Looks like a Twitch competitor branching out?

(Ron Valderrama) #5

Boy the space is getting tight. Never heard of them either. At first glance it looked more like a Twitch competitor, but maybe branching out in to scripted content.