WANTED: Studio apartment OR apartment with large living room in NYC

(Bri Castellini) #1

Heyyyy. This isn’t exactly a “job” posting, but does anyone in NYC or the NYC area have a studio apartment or a one-two bedroom apartment with a large-ish living room (with floor space not totally filled with furniture) for a film shoot? It would probably be two days of filming total. I don’t know when- I’m just kinda putting feelers out there for locations.

Also, if anyone happens to know a good hotel in NYC or the surrounding areas that’s cheap but semi-spacious, I need THAT kind of space for another project. Prefer rooms with two twin beds, or rooms with a bed and couch.


(Bf Fs Literally) #2

Hey! My last web series shot in ny. Have you contacted star street studios (starstreetstudios.com) they’re like 450 for an 8 hour shoot BUT hey have full furniture and lights that are included and they’re next to an L stop!!!

They’re also super professional and helpful and have a deal with a camera rental shop with amazing ( often under 100 for a 3 day weekend rentals for cameras ) and near good cheap food to feed everyone.

(Bri Castellini) #3

Ooooooooo thanks!!! I will definitely check that out! Does the space look like an apartment, or a studio? I need like a bed and maybe a kitchen to be seen.

(Bf Fs Literally) #4

It looks like a full apartment. Bathroom, kitchen, lots of furniture. It’s set up like an actual apartment , if I’m not mistaken they have a day bed that can be dressed as a bed, and having a full light kit come with it and rental discounts from CSI is always a good thing. They also offer multi day discounts.

(Bf Fs Literally) #5

To clarify. It looks like a studio loft style apartment.

(Bri Castellini) #6

Dude that is amazing. Thank you so much for the rec!! Might be a bit pricy but good locations are worth it, as I’ve discovered.

(Rebecca Frost) #7

Hey Bri! Do you still need a location?? My place in Brooklyn is pretty spacious.

(Bri Castellini) #8

This project got semi-stalled, but that’s really good to know!! Thank you! Now I’ve got some more motivation :slight_smile: