We Could Use Your Help This Week (in the form of a vote) for Our Next Web Series

Hello Everyone,

Kelly, Lori and I could use your help this week. We have a pitch in to the Storyhive Documentary Edition for funds to shoot a documentary with the Nisga’a First Nations in BC’s Nass Valley. This would be the pilot episode for a new documentary web series that we would like to shoot exploring Indigenous Knowledge and how the First Nations communities are changing along the original highways in the Pacific Northwest - the Grease Trails.

As a part of this funding competition, there is a voting competition this week for the various projects. We’d love your votes. You can vote daily for our project, Following the Grease Trails here, until Thursday August 2nd at noon: STORYHIVE - Following the Grease Trails: BC’s Nass Valley - Then and Now Project Page

I should add that I just had my birthday on Friday, so your vote would make for a most wonderful birthday present.

And if you want to add sprinkles to the top of my birthday cake, then please share this with any of your friends that you think might be game to vote.

As a tease, here is just a bit of the wildlife in the Nass Valley that we capture in this Pilot Documentary, with thanks to Teana Imbeau for sharing this photo with us.

Thank you!

In my research today on the Grease Trails of the Pacific Northwest, I found this song that illustrates just how important the eulachon were to the indigenous peoples of the region.