Web Series Production questions

(Vania Mendez) #1

hello, Im currently writing and producing a web series and need help finding someone to help me with the day to day tasks and social media engagement . Is there a certain denomination for that type of position?

(Chris Hackett) #2

There’s titles for everything. For the title you might want to take on another producer. But if you want to dictate this person’s job you might want an associate producer. Someone might be more apt to sign on as a producer for free for the title on their resume.
But social media managers exist for project based stuff too. Depending on what your plan is to fund the series changes what you should get and do.

(Bri Castellini) #3

It’s also possible you’re mostly looking for an assistant or intern, depending on how much ownership and individual responsibility you’re wanting to give this new person.

(Mickey Oh) #4

where can i find social media manager just for credit and title?

(Bri Castellini) #5

Probably nowhere, because that’s something most people don’t want to do OR can easily get a paying gig for. I’d recommend doing it yourself, sharing it with your teammates, or networking and bartering with fellow filmmakers. You’ll PA on their set in exchange for help with social media, stuff like that