Web Series World Cup 2019

(Herman Wang) #1

If you’re interested in participating in the Web Series World Cup for 2019, just submit to all the festivals in this list. Our series The Spell Tutor placed very well in 2018 and I believe it’s raised the profile of our production.

Disclaimer: I am not an official representative of the WSWC

(Emma Drewry) #2

do you have to submit to all of them to compete? that’s a lot of festival fees :sweat_smile::joy:

(Herman Wang) #3

It’s not necessary to submit to them all. The scores are calculated from the Official Selections, nominations and awards from all of these festivals, so the more you submit to, the better your chances of increasing your score.

I realize it’s a long list :slight_smile:

The first year we placed in the Top 100 was sort of by accident because we just happened to apply to a handful of the festivals.