Web Series World News: Companies laying off digital video staffers

(sam lockie-waring) #41

:upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: ah memories

(Bri Castellini) #42

We always come full circle to despair no matter what topic we’re talking huh hahaha

(Chris Hadley) #43

@samlockie @ghettonerdgirl @Bri_Castellini I definitely wouldn’t want to sell out either. The Internet was supposed to be favorable to indie filmmakers, but developments like these layoffs seem to suggest the opposite.

(Bri Castellini) #44

Oh I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- within reason, I’d absoLUTEly sell out if it meant I could pay my cast and crew

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #45

I knoooooooow. I feel that way too. -____-

(Chris Hadley) #46

@Bri_Castellini I hear you. I guess what I meant by sell out was have some corporation or sponsor dictate the content of what I write/create, but even if I do decide to write a show that could be for cable/network/streaming, I hope that the level of creative freedom I currently enjoy is still there.

(Bri Castellini) #47

I mean the thing about it is if I lost some creative control in order to create and get paid, I could save my money and still do indie work on the side but always be making film contacts, so win-win I feel

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #48

I gotta have my boundaries. But I would too in most cases.

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #49

I read the ‘great digital media purge’ link and it sounds like Facebook and Google are going to own us. They consider them too big to fail. And if they fail we do too. Seems like either way we can’t win. :frowning:

(Meg Carroway) #50

Yuuuuup :confused:

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #51

The first time I heard about Geek & Sundry was when LARPs got a distribution deal through them.

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #52

I gotta check out Patreon!

(Meg Carroway) #53

I think it’s really the way to go for now, but that shit gets expensive fast for viewers

(Kate Hackett) #54

Yeah! I’ve loved it. patreon.com/katehackett if you wanna see how I have set it up.

(Kate Hackett) #55

? No it doesn’t? Patreon is as low as a buck a month.

(Bri Castellini) #56

I think she’s saying if you want to support multiple creators for $1 a month, which is true. If I gave a dollar to every creator I’m a fan of, I’d be even more debt than I’m in now. Right now it’s just kinda first come first serve… everyone I’m already patron-ing gets to stay patroned, but new people I’m a fan of or other people I’ve been a fan of for a while coming to the platform just aren’t in my budget.

(Kate Hackett) #57

Oh, I see! Yeah, that’s kind of the bummer of it – and challenging people to think of it the same way they do stuff like Spotify or cable TV is tough.

(Amen J.) #58

Oh you guys, all hope is not lost! I think it would be cool to set up a format where more popular channels feature up and coming web content if there’s audience affiliation, similar to how shorts used to be screened before features in movie theatres or how bands have opening acts.

(Gabriel Crutchfield) #59

Appropriate thread. I lost my job today.

(Chris Hadley) #60

@whoisjonporter I’m very sorry, Gabriel. I hope that things get better for you, and for all of us.