Web Series World News: Net Neutrality is Back

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Welcome to Web Series World News, where we as a community discuss current events in the digital and TV worlds! Today’s topic:

Net Neutrality Rollback

As it stands, the FCC plans to rollback net neutrality on April 23rd after the 3-2 repeal of the Obama-era protections back in December. As promised, however, the internet isn’t done fighting back. Vimeo has re-filed a lawsuit to halt the decision, and 22 state attorneys general have also refiled their own net neutrality suit.

What, in practical terms, will a rollback of free and open internet protection do to independent creators?

for the purposes of this conversation, let’s assume it goes through as planned

Will it force digital filmmakers to stay on companies like YouTube who we know devalue filmmakers who likely to shell out the cash to keep streaming speeds high, or will our access to audience be phased out completely? How can we plan ahead to make sure we’re able to continue to find success in our fields?

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