Web Series World News: Problematic Viewing Habits

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Welcome to Web Series World News! Today’s topic…

Where is the line when “boycotting” or refusing to watch content with problematic cast and crew?

From this IndieWire article…

The Morning Consult (via The A.V. Club) recently polled polled 2,202 U.S. adults (both men and women) about whether or not various sexual misconduct allegations (from harassment to rape) against 20 men in the entertainment industry have changed their viewing habits. Per its own perimeters, the “survey asked respondents how much more likely they are to see a film or television series if its trailer included a specific actor, then gauged whether allegations of sexual misconduct would impact that decision.” Of the 20 men listed, including James Franco, Aziz Ansari, Casey Affleck, Jeffrey Tambor, and T.J. Miller, most survey respondents only listed the allegations of just two men as being able to alter their viewing habits: Kevin Spacey and Louis C.K.

TL;DR, in many cases, allegations of abuse (sexual and otherwise) by actors have minimal effect on whether or not viewers will tune in. And given the continued green lighting of Woody Allen and David O. Russell films, it’s not just actors getting a mainstream pass.

The question…

What is your personal line with regards to the real life behavior of cast and crew where you’ll no longer watch a piece of content?

Or should there be a line? Let us know in the comments!