Webfest Berlin Founder and Director, Meredith Burkholder - AMA

(Meredith Burkholder) #21

Hey Bob! Of course I remember, congratulations again! We do see shows being acquired as a result of or at the Webfest. A lot of creators are only releasing 1 or 2 episodes or just the trailer online and holding the rest so they are more attractive to buyers. As well, even if something is publicly available, buyers and distributors will still take them. They may need to be taken down or geo-blocked as a result. But it’s all possible. You also might find co-production or development for a second season. All of the above, of course in addition to exposing to a new audience and making really valuable relationships within the industry.

(Meredith Burkholder) #22

Production manager :slight_smile:

(Meredith Burkholder) #23

Giving an outline of where the series will go is nice if you are submitting a pilot. Otherwise, it’s always just really interesting to hear any interesting production notes or inspiration - e.g. - your crew was made entirely of cats?? super cool! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Bob DeRosa) #24

Thanks Meredith! We actually just crowdfunded a second season so hopefully we’ll see you in 2018 with some new episodes!

(sam lockie-waring) #25

why would you tell a web series creator who doesn’t think film festivals are important for this genre? or a filmmaker who doesn’t want to spend the money (re: @HailstoneHarper’s point) to submit to festivals?

(Meredith Burkholder) #26

Hey Chris! Great to meet you here! Topical satire/comedy does do well, but we don’t see a ton of it being submitted. Comedy in general is always tricky for an international audience. Most important is that the humor is GLOBAL. Taking niche references from your corner of the planet can really leave an audience on the other side of the world confused.

(Meredith Burkholder) #27

Hi Meg! For Webfest Berlin specifically, you actually get a ton of exposure because buyers and distributors can contact you directly from the Webfest Berlin catalog. Last year, we released the first digital short form series catalog in the world which is available for download from our site. It was definitely effective in getting deals for people! Every series submitted to Webfest Berlin gets a listing in the catalog. Even other than that though, you do get a lot of exposure and publicity for your series. Being there is best, but if you can’t be, it’s absolutely still worth it!

(Meg Carroway) #28

Everyone who submits gets listed, or everyone who gets an official selection?

(Meredith Burkholder) #29

Choose the festivals to submit to wisely :wink: Decide what the goals are for your series, and research the festivals to find which is the best fit. As well, there are several festivals with free submissions, so don’t miss those!

(Pablo Andreu) #30

Does submitting early versus submitting late have any impact on how work is judged?

(Hailey Harper) #31

Aren’t festivals with free submissions generally kind of sketchy? I’ve seen friends get accepted by free or really cheap (like $5 per show) festivals and then get jerked around, get bad laurels, etc. Any tips on how to make sure you’re not being taken advantage of?

(Meredith Burkholder) #32

oooo!! great question!! a playlist is ALWAYS preferred!! one file of the entire season can get tricky, because we want to see where each episode begins and ends. if you can’t submit a playlist, make sure to leave links to other episodes in your cover letter.

How many episodes should I submit to film festivals?
(Pablo Andreu) #33

Can you elaborate? I’m sure some of this genre-specific – e.g. horror shows should enter horror fests – but are there other ways to determine whether or not a festival is a fit?

(Katie Adele Nazim Hunter) #34

Thanks so much for answering @Meredith_Burkholder!

And thank you for submitting @Bri_Castellini!

(Quickly minimizes all tabs except work email as boss walks by…) :joy:

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Internet friends don’t let other internet friends have their questions go unanswered! :two_women_holding_hands:

(Katie Adele Nazim Hunter) #36

Thank you so much for being here @Meredith_Burkholder and answering our questions!

I submit for fests only on Film Freeway right now. For submissions, you have the option of uploading a video file or linking out. Which do you prefer? If links, do you like Vimeo or YouTube? Or something different?

Thanks again!

(Meredith Burkholder) #37

No, we really focus on the content. Just because someone might have had a better marketing scheme or even bought views, it doesn’t mean that that content is any better than someone who blindly uploaded their series and hoped for it to ‘go viral’

(Meredith Burkholder) #38

great!! super cool!!! congratulations!!!

(Bri Castellini) #39

What’s something people rarely take advantage of at/ surrounding film festivals?

(Pablo Andreu) #40

How much of an impact does a web fest selection/win have on marketing/publicity for a web series and how can creators make the most of that? (Sorry for my consecutive questions. I got here late! Thank you!!)