Webfests - taking the piss or is this the norm?

(Erik Urtz) #21

I’ve been on the jury for a few festivals before and even that can be a slog, as Bri so eloquently puts it. It’s not been a paid position - it’s just an agreement to watch ~30 shows over a couple of weeks and put some ratings on them and single out people for awards. This takes a lot of pressure off the festival but it’s a big ask.

(Ian David Diaz) #22

I’m shocked you guys should get paid for being judges and us poor filmmakers shouldn’t have to cough up more money which I still think is bad. Maybe the way around it is to put an ad out of Judges, short film and web series lovers etc, locals from the area - the criteria - people that put themselves forward should have no connection to the filmmakers in the festival. At least this way you’ll have people wanting to do it - maybe LOL! So have the festival runners chose the web shows/short films/scripts etc, based on the first Ep, the first 5 mins of a short, the first 10 pages of a script and so on, then from the ad, whoever has been chosen, get them to judge them by seeing or reading all of the content. The hope here is to have an unbias view when it comes to scoring said submissions. But saying all this I bet this is better said than done and could only work for certain festivals depending on their remit. Just thinking off the top of my head here, yes it’s more work for the organizes, but that’s their job. Has it been done before with disastrous results? Like to hear about it - if it hasn’t maybe it’s worth a try.

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #23

I have never heard of people working for any part of a festival and getting paid. Most of the money paid for submissions goes to paying for the venues and screening time. But I’m no expert. I thought about running a festival myself, but it seems like too much work. I’ll stick to making content.

(Ian David Diaz) #24

So what about the judges at the Oscars, the top ones not the members, don’t they get paid? I know nothing about these things - I thought they got paid.

(Bri Castellini) #25

For the Oscars, maybe? They also get paid in hella bribes. But for most festivals, basically no one gets paid. They get a day rate to actually run the festival, MAYBE, if they don’t already work for the company/organization that’s putting on the fest. I certainly didn’t get paid past my normal salary for the 3 days of Stareable Fest that were far outside normal work hours for a week.

(Ian David Diaz) #26

Ha, I love Adam Ruins everything!