Webseries Success

(Maissa Houri) #1

Just a random question and curious to see what people think: when do you consider your web series a success? Is it views? Awards? YouTube subscriptions?

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(Herman Wang) #2

Honestly, I just take what I can get.

I was surprised that our series didn’t get more traction from Harry Potter fans (they tend to want to know about the established characters rather than new ones), but we’ve won a lot of awards and done very well on the Web Series World Cup, so I’m calling it a victory.

(Maissa Houri) #3

That sounds like a victory!

(Bri Castellini) #4

Mine is a combination of views and engagement- are people in the comments who I didn’t know previously invested? Are they posting theories, or quoting moments that stuck with them, or having conversations about the characters with each other? That’s huge for me.

To an extent it’s also festival and press outlet inclusion, since that’s obviously useful for my portfolio, but ultimately, my project is a success if I’m proud to share the work with people and those people who see it enjoy it

(Ethan Pavone) #5

To me a success is if you shoot and successfully get an episode/film completed and uploaded, submitted to festivals etc. No one is ever truly satisfied and as the creator you can always see “mistakes” that the general public will miss. While it is ideal to make something that garners awards and high viewership, to me success comes from achieving your goal of making something and then improving each time. I’m confident that even the greatest directors aren’t always thrilled with what they’ve made, even if it is a success.