#Webserieschat recap- creative/standard marketing strategies

(Bri Castellini) #1

Once again, I was hosting #Webserieschat and didn’t take any screenshots, but I thought I’d compile some of my favorite marketing strategies as suggested by the #chatters today!

  • From Jason Ryan: live events like fundraisers, screenings, parties, comedy shows, and more!
  • From Danny Rivkin, search through Twitter for people looking for new things to watch and suggest your show from your show account OR, if your show doesn’t seem to be a good fit, recommend someone else’s!
  • From @Pablo- pitch an article series about your experience/ niche in web series to a web series publication. Pablo writes for Tubefilter, but perhaps YOU could write for Stareable! Email bri@stareable.com for details/ to pitch an article that you can use to low-key promote your show
  • From Hellgate Academy- if you’re crowdfunding, offer highly personalized perks so people who get them will be more likely to share/spread the word about your show that way
  • From Maverik- ask cast and crew to help promote, but ask them individually instead of in a group, and start with people with smaller roles on the show (hair/makeup people, sound person, etc) to make it seem more fun for people with larger roles.
  • From me- start a curated Tumblr around your theme/genre and build an audience before ever really promoting your own show, then slowly start integrating your own work into the content that’s surrounded by other related things