WebSeriesChat Recap- Finding locations to film

(Bri Castellini) #1

Bri breaks down this article

Should you ask cast/crew for locations?

For the record, Stareable does not condone desecrating cemeteries for art

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An animator’s perspective


(Erik Urtz) #2

I really like the idea of shooting 3 or 4 corners of a large office as 3 or 4 locations. I might try that at some point for single short scenes.

Also the hitting up businesses that you frequent is a great idea… the one issue I face with that is living in Orange County its a tough sell for cast and crew to drive down from the Hollywood area. In fact I have skipped over several locations down here because of alternatives further north.

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(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #3

My backyard is sorta connected to a cemetery. I never tried but I think it would be easy to film there without “getting caught.” But I’m not a horror filmmaker person soooo…

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(Erik Urtz) #4

Still a good location for a quick scene… when security comes just run back onto your property!

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(Kallum Weyman) #5

I usually struggle with this because in my head I have place that I quickly realize is out of my wheelhouse or reality.

(Jonathan Hardesty) #6

It can get kind of complicated out here in Los Angeles (with or even without permits). A lot more people are aware of how the sausage gets made and unless they’re friends, they’ll want something in return or generally be against it. Where that gets a little easier is out in the Santa Clarita / Canyon Country area, where they’ll film a lot of the dessert stuff. Just pick an empty patch of dry area and shoot there. Easier to be sneaky about it too, I imagine.

Love all the stuff you guys came up with in chat today!

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