WebSeriesChat Recap- how do you stay productive when life gets in the way?

(Bri Castellini) #1

Then we went off on a tangent about the gender pay gap and people with money having the upper hand. So the conclusions we came to were:

  • Give yourself structure
  • Momentum helps
  • Put things into perspective
  • Prioritize
  • Give yourself a break

Any other thoughts? Let us know!

(Erik Urtz) #2

It just goes to show you how many challenges so many of us have. It’s important to put things in perspective when we look at others and try to make judgements about them or their work.

(Jonathan Hardesty) #3

Didn’t participate today because I’ve been under the weather since last night, but wanted to pop in and give my own two cents. Sometimes due to life or the day job we can only do a little bit of our projects at a time, and that’s okay! It’s better to do a little bit here and there over a period of time than not at all. Probably obvious, but I know that sometimes it can feel not worth it to do those little bits…

(Erik Urtz) #4

Great point. Sometimes slow and steady does win the race. It’s better to have just about anything on the page than nothing.

Great advice today guys. I’m headed out to shoot!

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #5

I have no balance I’m either 100% on or not at all. During those off times I try to answer emails, post to social media, and stay engaged here on Stareable. So far it’s helping. I try to stay productive by talking to other filmmakers that are getting stuff done. FOMO helps.