WebSeriesChat Recap- Production requirements/ favorite nonessentials

(Bri Castellini) #1

As always, it boils down to SOUND

Takeaways from the sound conversation:

  • If you can, HIRE A SOUND PERSON. Or at least a boom operator
  • If you can’t, make sure you’re recording audio separate from video
  • Have someone dedicated to paying attention to sound issues (traffic sounds, wind, people, movement, etc). DP would be a good choice for this, or a PA
  • You can record pretty decent audio onto an iPhone, even without a mic attached to it

Crew essentials: the commonalities

In general, people listed the following crew members as their usual team:

  • DP
  • Director (was usually an actor or the DP)
  • Sound or boom op
  • PA/AD/Random Helper Person

All other roles were absorbed by one of those three/four crew members, or by an actor

Anything to add? Let us know!

(Thomas Tulak) #2

There was a brief touch on audio equipment. I’d like to emphasize the importance of quality audio, I discuss it in this episode of my YouTube show, "Filmmakering Like Boss"