What are some festivals you think are worth it?

(Ajay) #1

Are there ones you try to avoid?

The best Web festivals? The worst Web festivals? Your experience in this?
What are some free/cheap festivals?
(Pablo Andreu) #2

I’m a newbie and can only comment from an attendance standpoint, since I haven’t started the process of entering festivals, but Brooklyn Web Fest was worth going to.

The panels weren’t fluff sessions; the panelists actually had practical advice, and I made some connections there that are still bearing fruit six months later. I’m planning on entering my web series this go-round, so I’ll leave another post in a few months.

(Bri Castellini) #3

I didn’t go to Brooklyn but hear good things. For sure don’t get tricked by Web Fest New York- It sounds legit but the people who run it are terrible at communication, they keep pushing the festival announcements and dates back, and frankly they seem pretty sketchy.

Also, though I doubt anyone else has submitted here, I’ve been having trouble with the First Contact Film Festival- extended periods of no contact, still haven’t made selections (20 days late), the website link is broken, etc.

(Sunny Larkson) #4

Pilot Light TV Fest is really good, and very responsive on social media and on email. I wish their laurels were transparent, though.

(Arthur Vincie) #5

I’ve had good experiences so far with the TO Webfest (based in Toronto) - they’ve been very communicative about what screeners/media they need, the festival schedule, what comps/passes are available, etc. They also keep their website up to date, which is always a good sign.

I’m heading up there at the end of this month, so I’ll have a more full report.

If you’ve made a sci-fi/horror project, I can’t recommend Shriekfest (out in LA) enough. The founder, Denise Gossett, is still running it (it’s in its 13th or 14th year) and she’s just terrific. It’s in October, so I think some of their deadlines are coming up.

(Bri Castellini) #6

Does Shriekfest have high submission fees/ are they on FilmFreeway? My show is a zombie comedy so it would probably quality in the most technical of senses.

Definitely give us a full report when you get back from TO Fest! We didn’t get in this year but got a shout out on their Creatorcast podcast thing, so that was cool of them. They seem like good peeps.

(Bri Castellini) #7

It doesn’t look like Shriekfest accepts web series, and they’re pretty pricey, but if I make the horror short I’ve been planning, maybe this is an option. Thanks for the suggestion!

(Arthur Vincie) #8

They should be on FilmFreeway, and the fee has been hovering around the average for festivals many years. I don’t recall if they had a specific webseries category, but Denise is very responsive to email so you can always ask her about it (also mention my name).

I’m heading to Philly TV Fest this weekend - will let everyone know how that went.

I would also recommend GenCon (I don’t know if the deadline is past). Mostly 'cause it’s GenCon. When I went the screenings weren’t super-terrifically attended (and like most cons the A/V system isn’t the most fantastic) but the staff was great and I met a lot of cool fellow geeks and fans.

One thing I’ve had good success with is augmenting the festival circuit with live screenings. My last film was a sci-fi feature, so I screened at fan clubs and bars that had screening series. I did the same thing with the webseries (the series is about immigrants living in NYC, so we partnered with some nonprofits to screen it and host panel discussions). It’s definitely another way to get eyeballs and press on your series.

(Bri Castellini) #9

Can you explain what you mean?

(Arthur Vincie) #10

Sorry I hit “done” prematurely. See above - I went into a little more detail.

(Herman Wang) #12

This is our series’ second time in TOWebFest (my hometown), and the folks running it are good people. They could be a little faster on things like announcing nominations, but it’s always a good time, especially this year since it’s up in the CN Tower

I’ll make sure to introduce myself when you come :slight_smile:

(Herman Wang) #13

I’ll second the “avoid” on Web Fest New York. We were an Official Selection and got zero communication from them. I’m not convinced it actually took place, despite their claims.

(Bri Castellini) #14

Agreed. Have you heard of/had experience with the IndieWire festival? I posted about them a while back:

(Herman Wang) #15

I receive emails from them, although I have no idea how they got my contact info - I’ve never submitted to them.

But yeah, their emails didn’t really pass the smell test for me, I just ignored them. Miami Web Fest and South Florida Web Fest are available in the same city. I’ve attended both and they’re legit.

(Bri Castellini) #16

Yeah it seems like a money scam- they accept everyone and then make you pay your way. No thank you.

(History Web Series) #17

Ditto with Web Fest New York. Seems super shady.

(History Web Series) #18

Seconded. Am sorry I can’t go but they bent their length rules for me by putting me on their website. Very nice, accommodating people.

(Bri Castellini) #19

Omg Jack remember when we were all complaining on their FB page and they up and deleted all the threads?

On a related note- how did you report them to FilmFreeway? In case someone needs to report a scam in the future? I haven’t been able to figure it out.

(History Web Series) #20

I think it was just their general “contact us” stuff. Nothing specific to the submission. I just noted what festival. Atlantic Ave Festival–same shit.

(History Web Series) #21

Also, as much as I hate to say it, avoid the New Hope Film Festival. I did it because New Hope is a super gay town and I have a super gay show, but their administration is just…a lot. They are over-organized. Like, it’s a web series festival, I don’t need 5 page instruction manuals on how to conduct myself. They also don’t accept digital and required me to make Blu Rays which I just couldn’t get done because it’s 2017 so exactly 1 minute after the deadline I received a pretty snarky email about my inability to follow rules and listen to directions disqualifying me…It just seems like it’s run by someone’s angry lesbian aunt (sorry, kind of). So no.