What are some festivals you think are worth it?

(Arthur Vincie) #42

Hey it was great meeting you up there Herman! Let me know if you ever come down here!

(Herman Wang) #43

It was great to meet you too :slight_smile: I’m hoping to make it to NYC soon; it’s been too long and now I know a bunch of web series creators there

(Carlo Delmar) #44

A while ago I noticed that filmmakers love to say online to which film festivals their movie has been accepted. So I decided to make a list of film festivals that accept science fiction, fantasy, and horror movies (my raw list). Every time I found out about such a film festival, I would add it to my raw list. Eventually, I ended up with hundreds of film festivals around the world on this list.

I am going though the U.S. film festivals on my raw list alphabetically, vetting each one and putting it on my Genre Film Festivals online directory. (So far, I vetted the film festivals beginning with the letters “A” to “I.”) The things that I look for during vetting are:

  • Does the event still exist? If it no longer exists, and it seems that it will not return, then I won’t list in in the directory.

  • Is it genre enough? If the event rarely or never accepts genre movies, then I won’t list it in the directory.

  • What kind of event is it? I have a column in the directory called “Type of Event.” “Film Festival” means that the event is an actual film festival where the general public can attend in person at a physical venue and see the movies in a screening room. “Online Film Festival” means that movies are shown to the audience over the Internet during the event. “Awards Competition” is a situation where filmmakers submit a movie and, if accepted, receive a laurel and maybe an award.

Many of the film festivals accept web series, but a few do not. I have seen situations where a web series creator will simply submit the first episode of their web series as a short film. Other times, a web series creator will take selected selected scenes from a season of their web series and edit them together into a short film for submission to film festivals.

The Genre Film Festivals online directory is a website that I created that has the list of film festivals in the form of scrollable tables. You can see it here:

(Melissa Malone) #45

This is great! Thank you! :slight_smile: