What are your creative goals for February?

(Bri Castellini) #1

Let’s keep each other accountable again! (and congrats to all the January goal-keepers!)

What are your creative goals for this month?

Mine are:

  • Start assembling a cut of my latest short horror film “Buy In”
  • Promote the f— out of the YouTube/Facebook release of my new web series Sam and Pat Are Depressed
  • Make a new producer reel
  • Close-caption three more Brains episodes and three more Relativity episodes
  • Get 20 unique posts on this thread

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What are your creative goals for March?
(Gordon McAlpin) #2

If $1 per minute isn’t going to break your budget, I recommend Rev.com for closed captioning. They’re fast and they do a really good job lining up the timing, so while (at least with my short film) there were a few minor things I needed to correct—mostly things like spelling character names wrong or not getting QUITE the right punctuation for my very-particular tastes—they got me 95% of the way there for just $12.

As for MY goals:

– Finish a second Multiplex 10 webisode.
– Write at least 2 more episodes of the web series.
– At the VERY least storyboard the third webisode, aiming for a late Feb/early March completion.

(Joseph Steven Heath) #3

Here we go again!

  • The Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon: Upload The Monster of Peladon.
  • WoR: Make/Queue Gifs, Record, Edit, and Upload Planet of the Spiders.
  • WoR: Record a Third Doctor Special.
  • Edit a rough cut of what I have filmed of My Two Clones. (Didn’t get this done last month. Need to do it this month.)
  • Road Trippy: Write a chapter. (Again, this is dependent on Chris Cherry.)
  • Submit a thing or two to the Stareable Fest.
  • Watch a couple web series and write about them for this very website.

(Herman Wang) #4

We’re in pre-production mode for The Spell Tutor Season 4 now, and a lot’s already been done - script’s ready, breakdown’s done, casted the major new roles, table read arranged. I guess what’s left is:

  • get some more props and wardrobe ready
  • start figuring out some locations

(Bri Castellini) #5

Thanks for the tip! It wouldn’t break my budget but also I tend to have a lot of stupid slang or punctuation/timing preferences that honestly I should just do myself. Especially for Brains, a sci-fi series with all sorts of stupid shit that I can’t expect anyone else to notice haha. But for my short film, I might actually consider this! $14 for a full captioning isn’t terrible.

Also, GOOD LUCK! I’m really glad Multiplex lives on!

(Jessi Almstead) #6

New Spell Tutor sub!

Good luck everyone! You can do it!!!

My Feb. Goals:

  • Finish scripting episodes 1-3 of season 2 of Kitty and the Questions
  • Nail down my target audience
  • Finish 1 new puppet build
  • Shoot and edit episode 1 of Kitty and the Questions Season 2
  • Premier the first episode (or at least have a teaser ready) by mid Feb.
  • Acquire studio lights and green screen
  • Experiment with green screen
  • Network with people who make awesome stuff
  • Reach 100 YouTube subscribers (as of this writing I have achieved this one!!)
  • Grow my Twitch channel by 10%

(Meg Carroway) #7
  • Write every day
  • Find DP!!!
  • Watch a film skill video every day (for things like lighting and sound and boring stuff. One a day seems low energy but high reward)
  • Storyboard short I want to film

(Bri Castellini) #8

I love the watching skill video idea! Big fan of low energy learning :slight_smile:

(Jonathan Hardesty) #9

Okay. Adding my goals for February below.

:white_check_mark: Write Flagon 202.

:white_check_mark: Be on FB/Twitter less.

:black_square_button: “Build the team” for Flagon by adding a person to help as producing / social media partner.

:black_square_button: Write Flagon 203 Script.

:black_square_button: Lock Flagon 201 Script.

:black_square_button: Remaster Flagon 102.

:black_square_button: Automate almost 100% of Flagon social media so I only have to think about it every other month or so.

(Kyla) #10

okay okay february goals!! I’m feeling some good vibes for this month!! (knock on wood)

  • edit/touch up episodes 5-9 for table reads this month
  • recast vanessa
  • schedule vanessa reshoots
  • schedule post-march break shoots
  • release first teaser trailer
  • write the song for 5.5
  • film at least 5 school scenes (7 booked)
  • film at least 5 non-school scenes (7 booked)
  • finish rewrite of episode 10
  • map costumes/makeup/hair for all scenes from all episodes
  • set up 80s/tv teen drama tumblr (taking bri’s themed blog idea!)
  • map out potential timeline/shooting schedule for short film this summer

am I crazy? yeah, maybe a little bit but LET’S DO THIS. good luck everyone!

(Melissa Malone) #11

Hello Feb- here so soon?! We are beginning full fledged pre-production for the upcoming season so my list is starting to grow…

  • Finalize everything for the full cast table read at the end of the month.
  • Make final script adjustments (based on said table read)
  • Begin figuring out where the hell the $$ will come from for production… fundraisers, sponsors, coproducers? Try to avoid another inevitable crowd funding campaign…
  • Meet with our DP and decide if it will be financially possible to work together again on the new season.
  • Start location scouting for our main location
  • Get Golden Rule files together to send out to VWF and ISAs
  • Continue to promote Golden Rule in new and interesting ways

(Jonathan Hardesty) #12

:white_check_mark: Write Flagon 203 Script.

Finished the script this afternoon during my break. The closer I get to finishing these the more I have to focus on the production end, which to be honest seems a bit out of reach at the moment. That said, adding a new goal to February:

:black_square_button: Write Flagon 204 Script.

(Bri Castellini) #13

Look at you!!

(Gordon McAlpin) #14

Yeah, almost no matter how bad the transcript is, just lining up the caption timing for you is a big time saver.

I sometimes use YouTube’s auto-captions as a starting point instead, but they don’t always break up the lines in the most sensible places, whereas Rev seems to.

(And thank you! I need to get a listing here, but I want to at least get the second webisode out first.)

(Emma Drewry) #15

late to the game, but:

  1. cast our main characters!!
  2. get final drafts for our all our scripts done
  3. breakdown half the season + the pilot
  4. recruit our entire pre-production team
  5. start our marketing materials (websites/social, logos, crowdfunding incentives)

(Bri Castellini) #16

Good luck!

(Robbie Ru) #17

My goals include:

  • Continue my weekly YouTube series reviewing short films

  • Get a final draft of my short film.

  • Complete my rough cut on an EditStock project.

  • Watch whatever videos I can on video editing!

Love this thread!

(Amen J.) #18

I’m already in panic mode about how much to get done before my next birthday in December…

My goals are to:

  • Start promoting my Facebook Live conversation on how to “Harness Your Fears as an Artist” (see here for more info: Harness Your Fears as an Artist (FREE ONLINE SESSION))

  • Submit to more webfests (including Stareable! - it’s ok if our show is featured on the site already, right?)

  • Get my local doc series pitch approved for funding and if I don’t, I move onto the next pitch, and the next and the next…

  • Continue to track down and secure short-term freelancing gigs as a producer, prod manager, production coordinator, researcher, etc.

  • Prep for a local doc series as director…my first paid gig on someone else’s show, woo-hoo!

(Bri Castellini) #19

Yes of course! Doubly encouraged, at that point!!

(Bri Castellini) #20
  • Start assembling a cut of my latest short horror film “Buy In” :white_check_mark:
  • Promote the f— out of the YouTube/Facebook release of my new web series Sam and Pat Are Depressed :white_check_mark:
  • Make a new producer reel :x: definitely gonna be a late February task…
  • Close-caption three more Brains episodes and three more Relativity episodes :o: I’ve done the necessary Brains episodes and just have to caption 1 more Relativity to complete this one!
  • Get 20 unique posts on this thread :o: only 11 so far… need 9 more goal-keepers before the end of the month! Tag a forum friend!

How’s everyone else doing?? @mintypineapple @Pia_0.0 @samlockie @NerdsOfTheVerse @SecretLivesPS @avincie @movieguyjon @jonathankyall @filmwritr4 @ghettonerdgirl @hermdelica @hailstorm @mdec24 @rjlackie @whoisjonporter @lauriestark @kmd @keif @Starting_Under @HackettKate @thembob @JimiJimi @Huxiley @Monica_Quinn @whoisjonporter @hbnuss @Jessi_Almstead @mkatiehunter @kimhoyos @gmcalpin @OSTSG @alwaysafilmgeek @RobbieRuviews