What are your creative goals for November 2018?

(Bri Castellini) #1

Here we go again, and congrats to the October 2018 goal-keepers!

What are your creative goals for this month?

I kinda lost my whole October performing in a one-act, so mine are, once again:

  • Edit rough cuts for 3 episodes of “Sam and Pat Are Depressed
  • Finalize basic sound mix and color correcting for my short film Buy In
  • Edit the next three episodes of my Sam and Pat companion podcast Bri And Chris Are Depressed
  • Get 20 unique posts on this thread

Yes, this IS the third month in the row I’ve had the same dang goals.

Tagging those who have joined our goal threads before and a few newbies who might want in: @mintypineapple @Pia_0.0 @samlockie @NerdsOfTheVerse @SecretLivesPS @avincie @movieguyjon @jonathankyall @filmwritr4 @ghettonerdgirl @hermdelica @hailstorm @mdec24 @rjlackie @whoisjonporter @lauriestark @kmd @keif @Starting_Under @HackettKate @thembob @Abby_Singer @afbarbag @JustinHarris @mdec24 @gmcalpin @cagesafe @RobbieRuviews @alwaysafilmgeek @barbaramcthomas @Sandwich_Fam @OddLantern @Aquariarts @ShayFuller1 @WickedEnigmatv @cagesafe @Maddy_Foley @RDRICCI @MrDee @ZackMorrison18 @JonSosis @ThrowBigWords @Mohau @Jacquiwifruit @Kathie_Kelly @tymofie @Peppered @Dave_Lepage @thegreatbenbino @raggedybun @ShayFuller1 @Marina_Tait @SnobbyRobot @EricaHargreave @amyqp @CreativeCollene @sweetdude64 @thecarterlegac @micheletabelle @Andrewdwilliams1989 @JanjayNotJudy @shadowhawk680 @Blanedrew @upsidebrown @bucky91 @yesjensen @MisfitsContent @NoelleAutumn @susannem

(Herman Wang) #2

Release Season 4 of The Spell Tutor, for real this time. The work’s about 95% done at the moment.

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #3

1.) Get new headshots - eek
2.) Rough cut 2.4 & if I’m lucky 2.5
3.) Cut a second Season 2 trailer
4.) Send Maggie & Roland reel clips
5.) Schedule a premiere date for 2019
6.) Promo images with NJ webfest award winner laurels

This is ambitious but I feel good about it! :sweat_smile:

(Bri Castellini) #4

Headshots! I just got together with some friends and we took turns haha. Went to an outdoor space so we didn’t have to worry about lighting. Then got drinks because posing and smiling is stressful!

(Amen J.) #5

Wow, that is a lot on the plate. I am going to pitch what was originally a short doc concept as a podcast, follow-up on another web series pitch and try to get a US author on board a one-hour doc concept I have in mind. Oh and see if I can get an LA job offer on the table so that I can process my U.S working visa!

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #6

Oh yes that’s why I put eek! :joy:

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #7

Also FYI I watched Ace & Anxious and really enjoyed it. Nice work!

(Jonathan Hardesty) #8

My main goal for this month is to get the logistics taken care of for the D&D podcast I’m producing and DM’ing. Right now we’ve got a few scheduling and location conflicts that need to be squared away. I also need to get the other players to finish their characters. The hope is to have session one happen this year, which will give me about four weeks of episodes (hour-long eps).

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #9

Also thanks to @whoisjonporter for watching my live videos on insta!

(Barbara Mc Thomas) #10

Release the 3rd episode of The Amehngers ( The Avengers but… meh)

Finally pick up that last shot for what was supposed to be the 3rd episode but is now the 4th or 5th.

Schedule at least 2 promotional events for the show.

Revise a couple of screenplays for other projects for upcoming competitions.

Secure a venue and create a rehearsal schedule for my one act play series.

(Bri Castellini) #11

Thank you so much!

(Arthur Vincie) #12

1a. If we make our “Three Trembling Cities” Season 2 crowdfunding goal (2 days left), I’ll be co-writing and scouting for Season 2.

1b. If not, I’m going to focus on the rewrite of my novel.

  1. Regardless, plan the short film I’ve now postponed twice (we will shoot in February goddamn it).

  2. Fix up my own site. Time to update the scene reel, reorganize the clips a bit, update the bio.

  3. Send out at least five queries to managers/agents. Time to get out there and make some f’in money!

(Joseph Steven Heath) #13

I’ve got so much work stuff and holiday stuff. I’m honestly so overwhelmed. WHY AM I DOING NANOWRIMO?

  • The Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon: Release The Robots of Death.
  • Record, GIF, Edit, and Release The Talons of Weng-Chiang.
  • Watch, Record, Edit, and GIF The Horror of Fang Rock.
  • Write anything.
  • Finish filming My Two Clones.

(Bri Castellini) #14

You know why, Joe. You’re a glutton for punishment.

(Alicia Carroll) #15
  1. figuring out this LLC shit for California if it kills me.
  2. still, have to do my marketing calendar
  3. Finish building mini photo studio set up
  4. brainstorm fundraiser ideas
  5. sleep when possible

(Susanne Morris) #16

Didn’t quite meet my goals for October, and I am taking a second go at those. Here are my goals for November:

  1. Film the pilot of my new web-series
  2. Edit and post it
  3. Start writing a new feature length script

(Evie Marie Warner) #17

Well, it looks like I am about film part of episode 2 and possibly all of episode 1 on November 17. In order to do that I need to
1.) Figure out how on earth to build a freeze ray gun that malfunctions and explodes goey stuff all over two my actors
3.) Hange up the LED light strip around the door frame
4.) Put together some sort of computer console
5.) Get my actors to respond to messages in a timely manner.
6.) And some time in the middle of this, contact backers about the awards (may have some delays due to recasting, one of my actors having cystic fibrosis and is currently still the hospital.)
7.) hopefully releasing my 15 Minutes short film about a male victime of rape. (man I am not sure I’m prepared to the reaction people are going to have to that!)

(Herman Wang) #18

Not only are we going to hit the goal with time to spare, but we’re holding the World Premiere of Season 4 at a Harry Potter convention this weekend!


(Bri Castellini) #19


(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #20

Way to go!!!