What are your creative goals for October 2018?

(Bri Castellini) #1

Here we go again, and congrats to the September 2018 goal-keepers!

What are your creative goals for this month?

Mine are:

  • Edit rough cuts for 3 episodes of “Sam and Pat Are Depressed
  • Finalize basic sound mix and color correcting for my short film Buy In
  • Edit the first three episodes of my Sam and Pat companion podcast Bri And Chris Are Depressed
  • Get 20 unique posts on this thread

Look familiar? That’s because these were my goals LAST month and I did very badly. But life is about trying, so let’s try again!

Tagging those who have joined our goal threads before and a few newbies who might want in: @mintypineapple @Pia_0.0 @samlockie @NerdsOfTheVerse @SecretLivesPS @avincie @movieguyjon @jonathankyall @filmwritr4 @ghettonerdgirl @hermdelica @hailstorm @mdec24 @rjlackie @whoisjonporter @lauriestark @kmd @keif @Starting_Under @HackettKate @thembob @Abby_Singer @afbarbag @JustinHarris @mdec24 @gmcalpin @cagesafe @RobbieRuviews @alwaysafilmgeek @barbaramcthomas @Sandwich_Fam @OddLantern @Aquariarts @ShayFuller1 @WickedEnigmatv @cagesafe @Maddy_Foley @RDRICCI @MrDee @ZackMorrison18 @JonSosis @ThrowBigWords @Mohau @Jacquiwifruit @Kathie_Kelly @tymofie @Peppered @Dave_Lepage @thegreatbenbino @raggedybun @ShayFuller1 @Marina_Tait @SnobbyRobot @EricaHargreave @amyqp @CreativeCollene @sweetdude64 @thecarterlegac @micheletabelle @Andrewdwilliams1989 @JanjayNotJudy @shadowhawk680 @Blanedrew @upsidebrown @bucky91 @yesjensen @MisfitsContent @NoelleAutumn @susannem

What are your creative goals for November 2018?
(Herman Wang) #2

Simple but ambitious this month: release Season 4 of The Spell Tutor.

(Bri Castellini) #3


(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #4

1.) rough cut 2.4 - plus sound mix and color correction
2.) start free-writing routine at least 1x a week
3.) Make new promo images with winning laurels from NJ Webfest
4.) Brainstorm new ideas for weekly live videos

(Anna Bateman) #5
  1. Outline my second project for the year
  2. Organize application stuff for grad school
  3. Film an experimental thing for film club

(Chris Hadley) #6
  1. Finish production (reshoots/edits) on episodes 3, 4 and 5 of The LATE, LATE News
  2. Finish rewrite/polish on episode 6 (season finale)
  3. Cast new character to be intro’d in episode 6 (will recur in season 3)
  4. Schedule shooting dates for episode 6
  5. Get edits completed for episode 6
  6. Contact media outlets about season 2
  7. Release season 2 (date to be determined)

These are pretty much all of the remaining goals I have for season 2, before pre-production starts next year on season 3.

(Bri Castellini) #7

Woo, go Chris!

(Chris Hadley) #8

Thanks, Bri! Wishing you and everyone here all the best with their October goals, too! Happy to say that the writing process for the season 2 finale has gotten off to a great start.

(Emma Drewry) #9

eek! we’re starting to air today (3 episodes coming out :flushed:) so my main goal is to get through this month without failing out of my classes & with good episodes up!

(Alex Barbag) #10

Edit episode 12 of Safe for Work and figure out how best to promote it.
Write episode 13 of SFW and try to make it funnier than the previous episode.
Do some research into a potential next series about being an amateur stand-up comic.

(Magdalena Waz) #11
  • Outline novel that’s been percolating for the last 3 years
  • Finish hanging posters for My Astronaut around town
  • Look into hosting a screening party in LA
  • Get captions made for all of season one

Not a huge list, which hopefully means it’s doable!

(Alicia Carroll) #12
  1. apply to my list of grants
  2. finalize the crowdfunding plan & calendar
  3. outreach strategy plan
  4. sleep when possible

(Tim Firtion) #13

1.) Writing next season of The Jersey Connection
2.) Attend Atlantic City Cinefest from October 12-14 to screen TJC
3.) Producer meeting
3.) More writing next season of TJC

(Kyla) #14

gonna put these goals out into the universe and then vanish again probably! best of luck to everyone!

  • finish editing ep 1 of TTM
  • edit at least half of ep 2 of TTM
  • script new teaser trailer for TTM
  • edit at least half of new teaser trailer for TTM
  • write rough pilot of new project
  • work out logistics of new project

(Susanne Morris) #15
  1. Finalize script for my sketch comedy web-series pilot
  2. Create website, new youtube channel, and email to post said web-series
  3. Shoot & edit the pilot by the end of the month!
  4. Make some connections at my UCB improv classes

(Jonathan Kaplan) #16

Reach our $5000 crowdfunding goal and 250 followers goal on our Seed and Spark campaign. Ever like our show? Please follow! Ever really like our show? Donate to our campaign!

(Joseph Steven Heath) #17
  • The Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon: Edit and Release The Face of Evil.
  • Edit and Release a bonus episode.
  • Watch, Record, and GIF The Robots of Death.
  • Write at least 5 pages of A Higher Power.
  • Finish filming My Two Clones.

(Evie Marie Warner) #18

Mine are:
1.) Reach 50% crowdfunding goal for Super Z & Friends (would love 100% of $500.00 goal but I got to be realistic)
2.) A successful first production meeting with the actors to fiinalize schedules, their wardrobe, etc, etc (happens this Saturday)
3.) Finish writing episode two.
4.) Begin scene breakdown and shot list for episode one.
5.) Possible script changes to episode two.
6) Additional promo photos (suppose to be happening this Sunday.
7.) Never worked with teenages b/f so gott to remember to take deeps breaths. or they will drive me crazy and give me dozens of grey hair b/f production wraps! lol

Right now, my actors are driving me crazy b/c people don’t check their facebook messages. I’m gonna have to get everyones phone numbers at the meeting this weekend. I’m just the type of person, I am always checking my DMs on facebook and checking them and responding pretty promptly

(Amanda Taylor) #19

Editing a script! A few more steps and it’ll be perfect. (hah)

(Bri Castellini) #20

Hi I ended up in a play this month that took all my weekends and weeknights away so I have done SHIT but hopefully others were more successful!

(also if you’re in NYC come see the play! This weekend’s our last weekend! Shows Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)