What Cameras Are You All Using?

(Jon Sosis) #1

Been shooting my series with a 5D Mark II which has the obvious issues of auto focus that a lot of the old DSLR’s have.

I know it’s a lot better with the Mark IV, but also have been looking at the Canon XC10 which is a camcorder that shoots 4K.

Looking to keep that cinema quality with more flexibility. Thoughts?

(William E. Spear) #2

Thanks for the insight. Aside from the auto focus, is there anything else you are trying to avoid? Or, positively, are there one or two attributes you must have?

(Jon Sosis) #3

Thanks for the response!

The main thing I was looking for was focus/zoom ease. The 5DM2 is great and I think since I’ve posted this, I’ve fallen in love with the 6DM2. The autofocus is really fast. Ideally, I’d want something like a camcorder where everything is in focus at all times, but not sure if that’s the right move. The zoom is a secondary “want” for my next camera upgrade.

The main thing I’m trying to avoid is having to play with focus when shifting from one character to another in one long pan. We also have some shots similar to “The Office” where we’re on one character and may want to have the reaction shot of another character in the background in the same shot.

(Bri Castellini) #4

My latest three (I think) projects we used a Black Magic Pocket Cinema. Great footage for what I’m told is a semi-reasonable price!

(Jon Sosis) #5

Thanks. Yeah that goes for about $1000 which is fairly cheap for good quality. More concerned about durability on it. I’ve settled on the 6D Mark II after a week of back and forth.

(Erik Urtz) #6

I shot quite a bit of stuff on a 5d mark 2 and an og 6d with results I was generally happy with. Focus was obviously a challenge and was my main ‘focus’ when seeking out an upgrade. I wanted to like the 6d mark ii but they removed the good codec and left only the shitty one.

I ended up getting a 1dx, which checked all the boxes I was looking for. It’s easily Canons best video offering below the C200.

(Zack Morrison) #7

I’m personally a Canon guy, just cause I got so much invested in EF-mount glass. I shoot our show We Have A Show on a 5Dm4 and a 7D. C100’s my personal favorite to work w/ for web content, but I’ve never owned one. Even though it outputs 2K, it uses a 4K sensor. The XC is weird for me–it’s got a better internal codec than the C1/200; but has a small sensor and a slow lens attached to it. Sorta designed as a catch-all doc b-roll camera. Honestly, IMO, since it’s all YouTube/Vimeo compression and half the time we’re watching everything on our phones (720p), there really isn’t a bad option, and whatever works best for you, your workflow, and your budget is the one to go w/. Just keep in mind sensor sizes/crop and adaptors if you start looking outside Canon Land.

(Jon Sosis) #8

The 6D II has the focus upgrade which is the main thing I was looking for. I feel like I should be looking for more in an upgrade, but Im really not. My 5D II has been amazing minus the focus.