What do you do when you're friends with someone whose work you aren't fond of?

(Amanda Taylor) #1

Whether its from jealousy or a genuine issue of taste and quality, how do you approach being a part of a community that has such a wide range of offerings - but a tight-knit group of creators?

Obviously I have a specific situation happening right now but wanted to know: do you avoid the topic? Lie? Give them feedback?

(Ian David Diaz) #2

Hi, I find that sometimes silence is kinder than the truth. Well, the truth as you see it. What people like these days is an odd thing, I have seen my nieces, (9 and 14), who I love dearly, watch stuff on Youtube that baffles the mind, from a badly done animation of a cat playing the bongo drums to hands opening toys - these videos get millions of views, most are badly done or shot. Each to their own I guess, the thing with jealousy, a genuine issue of taste and quality is that you have to look at it with some kind of perspective, the jealousy thing is about you so you must deal with that the best way you can, it’s an internal fight, remember you are racing against yourself, the issue of taste, well if we are talking about your own project then listen to what people have to say around you and act accordingly being truthful to yourself and try staying true to what you want to do, if its about giving feedback don’t lie but be kind with your criticism because people’s passion, work/art, is a personal thing and it’s connected to the heart. Well, that’s my take, I hope this helps.

(Bri Castellini) #3

I mean if they’re not asking for your input I agree- just keep it to yourself. If you’re close enough to them/have a legit friendship, retweet and let people know about it so you’ve done your “creative friend due diligence” but past once, you aren’t on the hook. It’s definitely awkward and trust me I have been there/ am there, but that’s just how it is. Slightly different, but I don’t actually love a lot of my partner’s work, because he writes really historically-rooted, lore-and-exposition-heavy fantasy novels, and that’s just not my steez. He knows that but also knows I support him 100% and will be the first one to buy his book from a store and read it.

In tight-knit creative communities, though, I think it’s kind of a given that not everyone is gonna be a fan of everyone else’s work, especially in a community like this where there isn’t a prevailing commonality past the format of web series. Everyone’s making different stuff and that’s cool and it might not be your thing and you might not think it’s very good, but it’s good that more people are putting art into the world and if they love it and if you like them, just let 'em do their thing. And if they ask for input, give it! I wouldn’t give it without prompting though- like would that be something you wanted? I’d wager not.

(Evie Marie Warner) #4

It doesnt hurt to ask if they want feed but my experience is they dont really listen. And what @Ian_David_Diaz is true. I loved Gaurdian’s of Galaxy. My friend didnt like it.