What do you need help with right now?

(Stareable) #1

Happy Monday, folks! We just wanted to check in.

What are you working on right now, and what problems/concerns do you have as a result?

Better still- how can we help?

Anything goes!

(DJ Tilney) #2

Finding a location. My club at school needs a location to film the short I wrote and I have to find the location myself and it’s not easy because all I know how to do is write and direct.

(Bri Castellini) #3

What kind of location do you need?

(DJ Tilney) #4

A house. It has to be really specific and local (buffalo NY area) it needs a long hallway with rooms on either side, a kitchen, livingroom, stairs, upstairs bathroom, and a bedroom.

(Bri Castellini) #5

How important is it that you only have a single location to fulfill all those needs? Is there a world where you can film in a few different locations to sort of construct a full house in the edit, or can you fake a house having more rooms than it actually does just by filming from different angles and changing up the production design?

(DJ Tilney) #6

That’s actually a good point. I just don’t know where to start when actually finding these locations. I tried looking on Airbnb seeing if maybe someone on there could let us use their house, but no luck. And the people in my club don’t have the kind of house, or parts of the house that work. But perhaps now that you mention multiple locations we could work something out.

(Bri Castellini) #7

Unless there’s a continuous scene where you watch characters move from one room to the other with no cuts in between, you’re more than likely seeing several different locations stitched together to appear as though they’re the same place. This especially happens when filming in and outside of a house- it’s rare you’ll find a location that fulfills ALL your needs, and it’s rarer still that an interior will have an exterior that you also like. Example: if you’re from a desert area but your film is set in a snowy area, you can film the interiors locally and then pretend that the exterior of a different house in a snowy area is the outside.

Make a list of the particular rooms you need and any shots that would require you to be in the same location (for instance, if you have a scene of a person standing in a hallway of a house with two bedroom doors and thus you need a location with two doors off of a hallway, even if you film the rooms themselves elsewhere). Then ask your collaborators for access to those individual elements instead of the whole list, and after you’ve created your house out of these elements, get a production designer to help you match all these different rooms so they seem like they’re part of the same house.

Never underestimate the power of faking it :slight_smile:

(DJ Tilney) #8

That could work. Thank you for the advice!

(Bri Castellini) #9

Of course! Stop by the forum anytime :slight_smile:

(Gabriel Crutchfield) #10

Editing. I’m so behind! Ha!

(Bri Castellini) #11

I can’t do much for ya there… except cheer you on! GO GO GABRIEL GO!

(Jaime Lancaster) #12


(Meg Carroway) #13

I agree with Bri’s advice! Also: think about the fact that your viewers will only see what you show them, and will rarely second-guess things if you don’t bring attention to them. So if your characters are treating two different locations like they’re the same house, the audience won’t think twice, unless there’s a glaring continuity error.

Locations are the WORST so good luck on your shoot!!

(Jessi Almstead) #14

Thanks for this thread!
I need to connect with people who might want to help me with my project. Currently I do everything solo, with occasional help from friends. I’m in the NYC area but I’m a career changer with no background in the entertainment industry and zero industry contacts. I’m writing a web series with puppets as main characters. I have a number of videos made and now I’m ready to level up by scripting a full season. However, there’s only so much I can do alone to realize my vision. Im not a typical puppeteer who dreams of landing a gig with Sesame Street, I’m just trying to tell a good story in an artful way that speaks to me (by the way, don’t ask me who my audience is, I have no idea. They might not exist. I like to think they do though and I’m determined to find them). I would love to find like-minded puppeteers who want to work with me on a budget of $0. Is this impossible? I’ve considered crowdfunding but I have no audience to ask for support from yet!

Thanks again and p.s. I am loving Stareable so much!

My show is called Kitty and the Questions and it is listed on this site (lives on YouTube).

(Bri Castellini) #15

Hey Jessi! I see you’re RSVP’d for our next NYC happy hour, so that’s hopefully gonna be a good start for you re: connecting with people :slight_smile:

You should definitely start thinking about your audience though- it’ll help you a LOT when figuring out where to focus your efforts. You might even just start by thinking about what audience YOU are. What’s your age, education level, preferred social media, and general cultural interests? I found that helped me when figuring out my initial audience for my first series- late high school-college women who like feminism, sci-fi, and smart comedy. Also women who had lower budget interests (so usually not film buffs, but TV and web series fans and fans of simple production value YouTubers)

Crowdfunding doesn’t require a fan base, for the record! Oftentimes people use crowdfunding to BUILD their audience! Here are some articles/threads you might find useful:

(Shruti Saran) #16

ha! me and you both.

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #17

Trying to get FCP 7 to work faster or having enough bravery to take the plunge and use a new NLE system halfway through editing Season 2. EEEK!

(Jessi Almstead) #18

Thank you Bri! As usual, so very helpful. Looking forward to Tuesday’s happy hour :slight_smile:

(William E. Spear) #19

Looking to meet crew - specifically shooters in or around Hunterdon County New Jersey - for season one of a narrative series about Lyme. Although not a firm requirement, some preference will be shown for individuals working with smart phones and tablets. Best to All.

(Jonathan Kaplan) #20

Killing it is having a free screening this thursday in Pittsburgh! Any help getting the word out would be great!