What I Learned From Interviewing 2192 Filmmakers And How It Can Help Your Filmmaking Career

As a showrunner as well as a consultant for working filmmakers, I talk to creators every day, all day. Throughout any given period of time, there is a constant stream of filmmakers and storytellers coming through my now “virtual” door.

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If they are new to me, I ask them the same questions;

  • What do you make?

  • What’s the thing that keeps you up at night about being an indie filmmaker?

  • What does your perfect day as a creator look like?

  • What is your process for turning a stranger into a fan of your work?

  • What is your process for turning a stranger into a buyer of your work?

…and so on.

I ask these questions, because it helps me to understand how they perceive their own work, what their current career situation is, where they want to go and what difficulty they’re having getting there. I ask them this whether I’m thinking of hiring them or whether they are wanting to hire me as a consultant. Also, by asking the same questions to everyone and hearing their answers, I have been able to see trends in where filmmakers feel stuck and what their life looks like when they get unstuck.

It’s given me a front row view of filmmaker psychology and that has helped my own career immensely. I’m always very grateful and surprised at their ability to articulate what it feels like to be an indie filmmaker.

So, in this video, I unpack what I’ve learned and offer some solutions to some of the most common problems that face creators today. Give it a watch and if you feel like answering any of those questions in the comments, I’d love to hear where you are and where you want to see yourself in the next year or so.

***Alex LeMay is a Showrunner and Director from Los Angeles, California. He creates and produces web series’ for Sony Studios, YouTube Red, Maker, Go90and Xbox and more. In addition, he is the founder of alexlemay.com 1 2, a coaching and consulting business that helps working filmmakers build high-earning content businesses.

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