What to include in an email asking for sponsorship/promotion?

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If you’re trying to ask youtubers or local businesses to help you promote your upcoming web series or ask them to contribute in funding it or even be a producer what are some key things you should include in your email/proposal to them and is there a specific way its should be formatted?

Or what is the best way to contact youtubers usually? Someone suggested @'ing them on twitter but I prefer my request not to be so public.

Email seems like the next best thing but apparently they often have a full inbox and may overlook it.

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Here’s an @Alex_LeMay article about querying an agent which isn’t QUITE the same thing but may help with email structure:

Also this article about networking with buyers has an email structure you can steal for this as well:

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Oh awesome thank you!!! :smiley:

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Get over feeling weird doing a public @ – I get that, I do, I feel it too, but needs must and that’s the best way to contact some organizations/people.

Don’t expect contributions funding from strangers - that’s a pipe dream. People don’t sink money into shows because they want a return on their investment & web series (or movies, really) don’t give that. Ask, but have other ways you could use their help.

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Make sure the request, whatever it is, makes it clear it’s specific to whoever you’re reaching out to. No one wants a vague form email asking for a handout… but if your show seems on brand/on theme for them, and it’s clear you’ve done your research and you didn’t pull their name out of a hat, they’ll be more willing to at least chat with you!

Also, keep it short. People are busy! And follow up because x2 people are busy!

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Ahhhh thank you that’s true.
When keeping it short should it be like roughly 1 paragraph? So i guess just like what im requesting, what i can offer in return, and maybe like the shows logline to say what its about?

Also, if i know people who know the specific person that i’m reaching out to personally should i mention that we have a mutual connection?

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Absolutely mention the mutual connections, but TALK TO THOSE MUTUALS FIRST! Then you could even say “[mutual] recommended I reach out to you.”

And I’d say 2 paragraphs, MAX, that are short. The first email should just get them excited- a logline and a logline of your ask. Always end with an action- “I’d love to set up a time to talk to you about this. [suggestion of time or date]” so that they aren’t pressed for a yes immediately. Anyone can talk- the follow up is when you’ll hook 'em

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I put together some info on what to include in am email. Hope this helps! Feel free to connect with me if you need more tips. Finding Sponsors for Your Web Series