What're you working on right now?

(Bri Castellini) #1

Been a lot of great articles being posted lately, but not a ton of conversations!

What’s everyone working on right now? What are you excited about? What are your current challenges, and how can we help??

I’ll start: I just launched a companion podcast to my web series, the web series of which premieres its second season on Stareable and SeekaTV on March 25th! I’m also prepping to direct a script I didn’t write for the first time! It’ll also be the first time I’m directing a series (previously I’ve directed short films and a single episode of a series). Lots of emotions- any directing advice would be welcome!

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(Deb Ethier) #2

You’ve got a lot going on, Bri! Best of luck on the directing gig; should be exciting!
I’m just putting the finishing touches on the very last of the 22 episodes for the first season of “22 Bones”: 14 streaming now and the other 8 waiting in the wings for their weekly releases every Thursday. Keeping up the companion blog with background, reference sections and announcements.
(Also about halfway done a short film called “The Algebra of Aging” that I can now give more attention to!)
Still really struggling getting the series out there. Did some semi-successful ad campaigns on FB, but there wasn’t much growth beyond the original results.

(Emma Drewry) #3

I’m working on getting scripts together for the second season of Recon, and producing our podcast/on-boarding the team to help me handle both of these, because I learnt from last time that there are some things I’d rather pass the baton on :sweat_smile:

We’re probs gonna crowdfund again and I do not want to handle that again, and I definitely don’t want to produce the podcast while producing the main series.

(Herman Wang) #4

Doing some post-finale marketing on The Spell Tutor - hoping to have some good news regarding that pretty soon. Otherwise the 2019 web fest season is kicking off, so looking forward to an eventful year with any luck.

Also doing a lot of pre on a new web series pilot, mostly working on graphics design at this point.

(Joseph Steven Heath) #5

I’m putting the finishing touches on My Two Clones tonight. It’s already been accepted into a festival!

I’m adapting Road Trippy into a comic book. I might take another pass at the Road Trippy movie script to get the length down. I’m also writing the sequel book with Ray and Chris.

I’m currently making GIFs for The Ribos Operation for my Doctor Who podcast The Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon. Then I’ll need to edit the podcast episode. And Sunday we’re watching The Pirate Planet (Douglas Adams’s first episode!)

(Arthur Vincie) #6

I’m in preproduction on a short film, Cosmic Playtester. It’s about board game testing, grief, friendship, and aliens. Not necessarily in that order.

I just finished a draft of a novel. It’s off with a feedback reader right now.

We’re doing more screenings of Three Trembling Cities. March 9th at Interference Archives at 7:30pm, it’ll be part of a screening/panel discussion called “A Century of Immigration on Film.” We’ll be screening it and Charlie Chaplin’s film The Immigrant.

Researching podcasting gear. Suggestions for mics and recorders welcome!


(Arthur Vincie) #7

I can send you some director’s script analysis forms you might find handy. They help me a lot during casting and then knowing how to direct on set. My three favorite books on directing actors are: Judith Weston’s Directing Actors, William Ball’s A Sense of Direction, and Michael Shurtleff’s Audition. Lots of great insights and actionable advice.

(Bri Castellini) #8

I’ve actually read two of those! Directing I’m not so worried about as a concept- I’ve directed before and really enjoy it. It’s more that I’ve never had to direct someone else’s vision

(Arthur Vincie) #9

You’re gonna do great. I think it’s easier to direct someone else’s script. You have a little more perspective on what’s working and where the trouble spots are in a scene than when it’s your own work. What moments really count in a scene.

(Alicia Carroll) #10

I’ve been in a crowdfunding whole for Fishing. That’s really my big undertaking that I’m struggling with. I had a snag in my pre-pledged funding and I’m trying to recover. We’re trying to raise 35K to make a whole season of our show! http://bit.ly/fishingcampaign

Aside from that, I am writing so much I’m up to my ears. I’m in two fellowship programs in LA, so writing for those and also trying to write for myself. It’s a lot! Plus my job! Ah help!

But having fun of course <3 I don’t have directing experience yet, @Bri_Castellini so I won’t be of much help! But I wish you the absolute best of luck!

(Alicia Carroll) #11

Oh and I have another webseries Idea and it’s taking all of my self control not to start writing it until I finish this one.

(Erica) #12

Excited reading about what everyone is up to.

For our little motley crew, Sustainable Funding has been top of mind. We are trying to line this up for future seasons of Naturally Ours and three new series that we have in the works. As a part of this, I am doing research and developing case studies on this for my Master’s, and will be moderating a panel on at a travel conference coming up in Vancouver, and speaking on at a conference in Ireland.

When I am in Europe, I will also be researching a future WWII project in Normandy.

Other than that, I need to finally get Season 1 of Naturally Ours up on SeekaTV, and I’ve been invited to put an adult web series camp together for one of the Colleges in BC, which I am very excited about, and need to do some writing on today.

(Alicia Carroll) #13

love my yeti mic to death. can’t recommend it more!

(Melissa Malone) #14

Dang Bri- get it girl! You’ve got a lot going on. :slight_smile: I’m not much help with directing other people’s work, sadly but you’ve got this!

As far as me we just released the new season of OSTSG and are busy trying to get the word out. We’re excited to see where this season takes us as far as festivals and crossing our fingers it leads to the possibility of another season- which we have started outlining ideas for already.

Additionally, we are sending our first short film, “The Angry Man” out into the festival world. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to Season 2 of Sam and Pat! Congrats!

(Arthur Vincie) #15

Thanks, that’s great!

(Steven Bucky Butler) #16

I’m currently working on a page one rewrite of a movie script I wrote called “The Beast & The Bow” with plans on entering in a local festival. I have another finished movie script called “Cameraman” but just really need someone else to look it over and edit it. Both scripts I plan on entering into two different local festivals next year “Cameraman” is done, “The Beast & The Bow” is still in progress. But “The Beast & The Bow” is at 66 pages as of right now but I really have no idea where to take the story and I know in order to be feature length it needs to be at least 90-114 pages long. So I have a lot of brainstorming and writing to do.

(Jonathan Kaplan) #17

In between getting Killing it! Season 2 going, I’ve been making this weird vlog/psychological exploration videos. YouTube

Like look view comment ignore whatever!

(Phillip Lewis ) #18

Getting trump rigged for episode 4 :grinning:

(Yard Lion Films) #19

I’m actually developing a limited series based on another project, Starstruck GC. I’m hoping that this will retcon the zaniness of the second season and go back to basics of the life of an atmospheric entertainer (mime).

(Phillip Lewis ) #21

Well done:)