What's a good perk to make for around $20-$25 dollars?

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I’m currently running an indiegogo campaign and i’ve noticed that for others a $20-25 dollar perk tends to be the most popular. My perk currently jumps from $10 to $30 dollars (which includes thank you shout outs and a laptop sticker). I was wondering if there’s any special thing to get more people willing to drop $20 on a perk. Whether its a creative perk or an item i can offer like a pin? But i think pins costs more to make than stickers so it probably wouldn’t make sense to make it cheaper than the laptop sticker and i think we’re not allowed to change a perks cost after people have already claimed it. :frowning:
Any tips/advice?

Crowdfunding perks?
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Don’t do a physical perk! First thing.

Is there some kind of personalized thing you can do for no $$ you can offer at $20? My last campaign (for my zombie show) I offered personalized zombie apocalypse obituaries for around that price. I’d just write a paragraph or two detailing the donor’s heroics prior to their grisly end. It was specific to the show, unique, personalized, fun, and cost nothing to make or send. Is there something in that vein you can do?

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Here’s a good previous thread re: crowdfunding perk amounts/perks


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I did consider that but I wasn’t sure what I could do for 20-25 dollars that i could realistically write for individual people as I’m afraid I’d get burnt out very easily. Also a few of my surprise perks are based around custom writing bits for every $1000 milestone i beat. So like for the first $1000 i made, the person who donated i gave them the custom perk of being a puppeteer for $80 so they got to choose a line or action they wanted a character to say and then I would work it into a pre-existing scene somehow. For $10 im offering a personal email from me.

My show is about sexuality/asexuality so i’m really not sure of any non-physical things i could do other than a thank you video but I reserved that type of thing for the number of backers i get :sweat_smile:

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Is there something you can design for that amount, with an easy template? Another thing we did was for a certain amount, we’d put a missing person poster of the donor in the set dressing, since again, apocalypse= lots of missing people. We also offset some of our production design needs with that, and it was easy once we set the template- we could just swap out names, picture, and other text.

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Oh possibly! I’ll think of something to design ^^

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Something that makes them feel like part of the show, even if the thing is never shown on camera. If it’s a school, maybe design an end-of-the-year award certificate for each donor. “most likely to succeed” or “best hair” type of things.

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Lip sync video by cast/crew? Putting a picture of them in the background of a scene, like an easter egg? Photoshopping them into your poster? I love photoshopping perks!

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omg how did I forget to mention Photoshopping people into things. This has been my favorite perk I’ve ever received from any campaign… I funded a friend’s short film campaign and she sent me this:

It’s horrifying and I am in love with it.

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Omg!!! LOL this is awesome :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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If you dont mind my asking, which campaign was this for?!

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Bri’s advice has been great! I recommend watching this episode of the Seed&Spark crowdfunding class: https://www.seedandspark.com/education/crowdfunding-class#Creating-Incentives-for-Your-Audience. Also, check out this blog post: https://www.seedandspark.com/blog/10-incredible-incentive-ideas-for-crowdfunding-campaigns.

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if you’re still looking for input, i’m a fan of the design-y ideas. something visual, even if it’s simple, makes people think it’s a lot more valuable than it actually is.

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I am in the middle of creating a crowdfunding campaign right now (sidebar - why the heck does Indiegogo require so many different image sizes??) and our $25 perk is an illustration of one of the characters. The series is about superheroes, and I found an artist to create comic book style illustrations of each cast member in character.

They will be delivered as PDFs, so no shipping costs, and we can give unlimited amounts.

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Love this! And make sure to let us know when the campaign goes live!