What's everyone working on? Aug 2nd, 2019

(Bri Castellini) #1

I genuinely cannot believe it’s already August. This is madness.

Been a minute, so I’m curious- what’s everyone working on?

I’m in post (well, @kaileecristina is in post and I’m hovering from afar) for the web series I directed that’s coming out September 19th! I’m also trying to rebuild time in my schedule for writing.

Anyone else have a cool thing to share? @Directors @Writers @Producers

(Herman Wang) #2

Just finished shooting the pilot of my new web series Illuminagents and getting into post. The pilot and a few other materials are going into a pitch package so I can start getting someone else to pay for my series for once :wink:

(Pablo Andreu) #3

Just rebranded my YouTube channel PygmyTV. I’m rolling out new content there like “How To Kidnap A Catcaller” and “Business Man Benny.”

Have a final cut of a pilot for a new web series called “Aromatherapy ER.” Just figuring out rollout and a potential screening.

All the while, STRAY Season 2 is still looming.

(Pablo Andreu) #4

I’m excited to see “Better With You” after all I’ve heard!

(Amen J.) #5

I can’t believe it’s August either! I am shooting some demo footage for my next short doc (not web series), The Day I Said “I Do”…To Myself. The initial idea was I wanted to follow a woman as she gets ready to marry herself (sologamy is a trend that has picked up over the years). With the subject I am following, I think I’d like to pursue the idea with the added theme of self-care, because she’s doing this as part of her “five-year freedom plan”. She’s a free spirit and has given a lot of herself to others over the years and after two marriages and one kid, she wants to focus on herself for the time being. I think a lot of people may interpret this as selfish, but that could also be something interesting to explore! Anyway, all this is to say that I am applying to a bunch of fall grants, with the aim to film by next year.

(Jonathan Fournier) #6

I also cannot believe it’s August!!

I am still in post on my webseries Unicorn Included. 3 episodes down, 1 to go (of what we’ve filmed so far), then we’ll release. In the meantime, just yesterday, we put up our opening titles as a little teaser.

Very inspiring to hear what you’re all working on!

(Deb Ethier) #7

I finished two animated mini-shorts in the last several months. One’s a comic mockumentary about some older women who discover a mathematical explanantion for the symptoms of menopause called “The Seamless Cup Society” and the other is a visual/musical experience of art and dance called “Joyfully”. Now I’ve started work on season two of my web series 22 Bones (trailer should be done today or tomorrow), which had been planned out before starting work on the films (not as many epsiodes as season 1 - twenty-two nearly killed me, lol). Looking at a Hallowe’en launch. Couldn’t do any stop motion for a while as I was recovering from major shoulder surgery, but I learned to do motion-graphic and cutout animation one-handed; gave me a chance to have my little stop motion studio revamped!:slightly_smiling_face:

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #8

I am getting ready for my Season 2 premiere next month! If you’d like to attend, the details are here.

(Jonathan Kaplan) #9

Next month Killing it! will shoot episode 1 of our new season. In the meantime everyone follow my new Instagram series Grading Animals with JKAPS

(Mickey Oh) #10

I’m keep working on and producing my on-going web series, Walk to Fame.
Here’s the trailer for you to check.

(Arthur Vincie) #11

So nice to see so many folks at Stareable Fest!

Just returning from a trip to see family in India. So so far this summer: applied to a bunch of festivals for my latest short, Cosmic Playtester. Three Trembling Cities is screening at the Bronx World Film Festival Aug 7, Aug 14 & Aug 23 in different outdoor venues across the borough, and then in September at the NJ Webfest!

Also querying agents for my novel.

So a lot of self promotion, and very little creation. Ebb and flow, right?

BTW The Bronx World Film Festival looks like it’s going to be amazing. Live music, poetry, shorts from all over the world, spread out across the month in a bunch of different outdoor venues. https://www.bronxworldfilm.org/gateway

(Phillip Lewis ) #12

A lot of Planet X stuff. I’m tired of not seeing this project exist in the world. Every time I wanna quit it I keep having dreams about it so I’m pushing myself to get it released in September. Here are some behind the scenes stills to enjoy. I hope to have a teaser trailer this month so stay tuned :smile:
-80 am

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(Gareth Brierley) #13

What a great time we had at Stareable festival and thanks for everything from the team.

Now Pitches has finished I am trying to put together a trailer for the series with some Stareable laurels.

We are going to do a new series called DEREK AND DAISEY DO about a brother and sister team telling the world how to do things like…smiling or waving or opening doors. Very serious stuff.

(Paul Della Pelle) #14

Meant to reply to this a few days ago…I can’t believe we are a week into August! Had a really great time at Stareable Fest - kudos to the Stareable team for putting on such a fun event. Met lots of great people and had some inspiring conversations. Got back home and put the finishing touches on episode 4 of Near Human. Working on more episodes - uploading them as we get them done.

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #15

UPDATE: our link to order tickets is live now! Check it our here :smiley:.

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(Deb Ethier) #16

Just as a followup, here’s the link for the now-completed Season 2 trailer: 22 Bones Season 2 Trailer :slightly_smiling_face:

(Herman Wang) #17

Whose face is the moon?

(Deb Ethier) #18

That would be me, as the Freckled Moon Goddess! :grin: :new_moon_with_face:

(Wyn Hopkins) #19

Must say I like how simple and effective your logo looks :smiley:

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(Yard Lion Films) #20

Working on the revamped “TellyMime” web series. Hired a new cast, revamped the show’s focus and made it better than before.

New cohost: Janice Fisher as Yancey Lynne Johnson or Yancey the Mime

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