What's your favorite sci-fi web series?

(Ajay) #1

Are there blogs or other publications you use to stay on top of what’s being created?

(Bri Castellini) #2

Would anyone else consider Video Game High School to be “sci-fi”? It’s very heavy on sci-fi-esque special effects, and I’d argue that a universe in which gamers are so revered that they have their own specialized schools and career paths is kind of sci fi.

(Bri Castellini) #3

As for blogs/publications, not really? The only time I read blogs/websites for recommendations is when a creator or show I already know about/like is featured on one and they post about it on social media. I also tend to pay attention to publications who have covered my show in the past, because I know they’re open to featuring smaller, weirder shows, and I love me some small weird shows.

(Ajay) #4

Interesting. I would have guessed you read Tubefilter’s Indie Spotlight. I occasionally remember to check out Splitsider and they highlight some web videos (some of which are episodic) though if I’m being honest, I don’t usually agree with their taste

(Bri Castellini) #5

tbh, I’m so drenched in the web series community that I don’t really need to read publications because there’s already so much I need to watch just among the people I’ve been meeting/talking to.

(RJ Lackie) #6

I like The 7th Matrix, personally. They highlight sci-fi/genre webseries and short films, and they’ve got a progressive bent to their editorial. Otherwise I mostly listen to word of mouth, though Tubefilter’s Indie Spotlight does have some good recommendations in this genre too, if you’re lucky.

(Alex Weathersby) #7

Some that I have seen and like are: Brains, Inhuman Condition, V Morgan is Dead (don’t know if it counts), and I haven’t watched it yet but I hear H+ is good.