What's your ideal indie career?

(Blair Hunter) #1

So like none of us is making money in this, yeah? But if we could… what would your ideal career in web series be? Assuming it becomes profitable and you can support yourself by making indie content. NO TV/FILM. JUST INDIE, PLEASE.

Would you stick to certain production roles? Expand to new ones? Stop doing others?

I think I would want to be a writer and maybe sometimes director or art department. I guess I could be EP but would leave the logistical parts of producing to someone else.

(Bri Castellini) #2

I think I’d want to be EP, like you said, with maybe a few more logistical things than you seem to want, writer, and director. Mostly writer or director, I think. Rarely actor, if I can help it, and definitely with a larger producing team than I’ve ever had. This is a cool exercise! Thanks for posting!

(Bri Castellini) #3

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(Kallum Weyman) #4

I love questions like these. What would I dream of? I mean with out knowing the dream what is the point in working towards it. My dream with a budget I wanted. Well creating new and original shows that focus on character. Shows that look at all types of people and tell engaging stories about them. I see myself working as a writer who would really like to close working with the whole team. I love directing and would like to direct my own work but would be happy to stand aside. I think I would leave a lot o logistical things to others. But I wouldn’t want to let go of casting. Casting is so important I would want to be in the room. I also would like to find fellow writers to work with, handing them the writers chair so I could take another role, mainly directing or acting. So basically writer/director and occasional actor.

(RJ Lackie) #5

Showrunner, on an HBO-esque dramatic series that uses the form of web series (short episodes, non-standardised airing schedules, transmedia and digital storytelling) to really innovate and explore what the medium can do. Of course, I’d want this to be in 5-10 years when I could actually, hopefully, handle all the responsibilities necessary.

(Jonathan Kaplan) #6

I’d like to draw all day and do comedy at night. I would love to get together with @Mares and do a live show on the Fringe circuit, and have other collaborations with artists I admire, bringing in enough money to stay afloat.

(Bri Castellini) #7

So you don’t think filmmaking would be part of the equation? Or is that what you mean by “comedy at night”?

(Jonathan Hardesty) #8

I’d flesh out Flagon and expand it to a longer runtime, way more video game references, and develop a live action version that’s more fantasy and less video game reference to hit a slightly different audience with some overlap. I’ve got a take on Fallout with elves, dwarves, and humans that I would just go out and shoot in the dessert near where I live (assuming it’s not on fire). I’ve got an all female ninja comedy I want to do, and I’ve got a modern relationship drama…with elves, dwarves, humans, etc.

Honestly, I would just spend my time making these weird ideas and putting them online.

(Bri Castellini) #9

What would your role be in all this? Writer/producer?

(Jonathan Kaplan) #10

For me I think I’m exploring 2 things in this life: ‘comedy’ and ‘art’ - both abstract pursuits. Making the webseries is because of comedy, I met Marianne doing shows and especially when I was hosting a show for a while. So I think that’s the source from where everything comes from. Yea I think working on the film comes after working out the bits, and to me that’s still the comedy process. I also have this art thing. When I made the animated pilot it was the first time I got to synthesize the two aspects of my creative life. How to get to that again and not have the time sucked out by a day job.

(Jonathan Hardesty) #11

If - in this example - money is already taken care of, I’d do as much of it as I was able to do, with a focus on writing, editing, and special effects. If I could get a friend to direct for me on the regular (and I have a friend or two in mind) I would let them direct. For animation, I’d do everything but design and more of the complex animation as I don’t care much for my character design aesthetic and am not trained in traditional animation.

Current example: I can do lip sync and basic movements in Adobe Animate, but walk cycles are still a bit above me, as are other looped animations. I would totally pair up with a designer/animator and I could cover a lot of the more tedious stuff while they designed and built the actual scenes. I’d also be able to do storyboards/animatics, and really give the other animator what they needed.

Basically, skill level is where I’d be drawing a line in this example.

(Blair Hunter) #12

WOW these are such good answers!!! Tagging @hermdelica @SecretLivesPS @JasonRyan and @HackettKate because I always love the way they talk about things :slight_smile:

(Joseph Steven Heath) #13

I love writing, acting, and directing. I would love to have a crew for everything else (though I’d probably want to dip my toes heavily into the editing and camerawork stuff).

(Amen J.) #14

Thanks for the shout-out, @Blair! :slight_smile: Also, great discussion question. The ideal indie career is where I am given a huge pile of money and told, go out and make a bunch of short docs…we’re not going to control the product, we want you to completely produce and direct it and even if it doesn’t pick up an audience, that’s ok, there’s still more where that money came from, to help you pay your bills, still be creative and stay in charge of your own work schedule. Lol, oh if only!

(Bri Castellini) #15

So what roles would you want in this scenario? If you only had to do the ones you actually enjoyed- director? Camera operator? (I’m not totally clear about documentary film positions, sorry!)

(Amen J.) #16

Director and producer, but only when it’s my idea, lol. I want to be in control of it allll…

(Bri Castellini) #17

Saaaaaaaaaame. :joy:

The only time I want anyone else to direct, as far as I see it, is when I’m acting. Because acting and directing at the same time is my worst nightmare.

(Amen J.) #18

I imagine many of us web series creators are control freaks, lol

(Jason) #19

Honestly, my true career goals lie outside of the indie world. I want to write for a network or cable comedy half hour and maybe sell a feature screenplay every once in a while.

If the TV/Film industry ceased to exist I guess I would prefer to be EP/showrunner/head writer like I’ve been for everything I’ve done. If I’m going to resign myself to working in web series I might as well control everything.

(Bri Castellini) #20

I’m curious about this, actually, because I saw you talk about this a bit with @rjlackie on Twitter. Why do you prefer non-indie? No judgement in this question, by the way. I’m genuinely curious. Especially if money wasn’t an object, and I guess in theory you being allowed to have as big or small a production/cast/crew as you wanted, what draws you to network or cable, or film?