What's your ideal indie career?

(Jonathan Hardesty) #21

As a slight aside, directing myself for animation was VERY weird, and hilarious at the same time. Not sure how I’d fare having to do live action directing of myself.

Here’s me directing myself for voice acting. CAUTION: NSFW for language. I’m the white blond dude with a top hat. :stuck_out_tongue: I had to get myself sounding nasally and sounding JUST right. Took way too many takes and by the end I couldn’t speak because I was hoarse.

(Bri Castellini) #22

Hahahaha nice. Yeah I’m really really bad at directing myself, because I’m not confident in my acting unless someone else is looking out for me and saying “hey that sucked.”

(Jason) #23

I don’t like the stress of controlling everything. I like the role of “TV staff writer” in the sense of you work like hell during the season, pitch your jokes and stories, break the episodes with some peers, write your episode, stay in the WGA, get the summer/hiatus off.

Making Real Adult Feelings for 3 seasons was a 24/7, 365 job. If I wasn’t writing, outlining or breaking stories I was prop shopping for episodes in production or auditioning guest actors or being glued to my e-mail to wait for a location to get confirmed, etc. etc. The list is endless. You produce your own stuff, you know how much work it is.

Crafting stories and writing jokes is what I like doing the most, producing is a necessary evil at this stage of my career tbh.

(Bri Castellini) #24

I actually think I feel mostly the same way! I like a lot of aspects of producing, mostly because I’m a control freak who likes to know everything that’s going on at all times, even if I’m just overseeing things, but the down in the dirt logistical stuff I could leave behind in a jiffy. I also love being on set, which I guess many TV staff writers are as well, which is where my directing itch comes through.

(Jonathan Hardesty) #25

In our case, we were actively trying to “go awful” and weirdly…that was just as difficult. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jonathan Hardesty) #26

I definitely feel that way, but with the social networking and marketing. I get burnout on that so quickly, and it takes me away from the technical aspects like writing, revising, editing, and all that other stuff I like WAY more.

(Bri Castellini) #27

@JasonRyan oh god yeah the first things I’d do with money is hire a dedicated marketing person and two new producers who would specifically focus on logistical stuff (and paperwork)

(Kate Hackett) #28

I’m making money doing this, but I think it’s safe to say that people who enter the entertainment field are rarely (ever?) satisfied.

My ideal career would be to transition this to television / film, so that’s not quite indie anymore. Regardless, I would love to be exec producer/ creator + star, so basically what I’m doing now, but larger-scale. I’d like to work in cable (smaller paycheck, but more freedom… IN THEORY) or “prestige TV”, or on “new media” outlets that are still just …TV (Amazon, Hulu).

(Bri Castellini) #29

Did you outsource any writing on CA? Act as showrunner to a staff, or even just one or two other people? What was that like? Every time I think about delegating writing, I get an eye twitch.

(Kate Hackett) #30

I farmed out the confessionals and workshopped, but I did write the actual episodes pretty much alone. I’m ready to start working in teams … but that’s hard. It’s really hard to find a partner & a balance.

(Bri Castellini) #31

Agreed, about that balance. I have only successfully co-written one thing. Usually one person in the partnership is more dedicated or interested than the other and it just fizzles. Good luck! Especially with your newly funded shooooort!

(Kate Hackett) #32

Exactly. And I’m too headstrong to let things fizzle.

I will say Dana & I work well together. Her husband Tom & I have so far been working well together on a project. I’m looking forward to using the Patreon stuff to collaborate with people & push myself a little further!

(Jonathan Hardesty) #33

I’ve been both the fizzler and the fizzled and It’s definitely made me reflect on myself as a collaborator and as someone who works in such a collaborative medium. I’m glad you’ve found a few people you jive with!!

(Herman Wang) #34

Right now on The Spell Tutor, I’m wearing many hats (as is the case for many web series, I’m sure), so I’m writer, director, producer, accounting, casting director, production designer, editor, sound designer, VFX designer, and marketing coordinator.

If I were to do this for a paying career, I’d probably just hang on to writer and director and get a proper team for the rest, you know, like a sane person.

(Keif Gwinn) #35

EP of my Web Series British Rationals ( tinyurl.com/britrationals )

I’m producer, writer, camera and editor, and so ideally I’d have someone else camera op and edit for me.

I’d also like to act more =)

(Bri Castellini) #36

If you could make money, you’d basically want things to say the same, save for a slightly larger crew and more opportunities to act? That’s really awesome, dude! Congrats!

(Keif Gwinn) #37

Yup, my life would be perfect if I could get a reasonable income from this. I’m working on that at the moment, trying to get local TV interested in the format.