When is the best time to add web series to IMDb?

(Collene Webb) #1

I’m confused as to whether it’s possible (or even advisable) to add my web series to IMDb before the first episode is released.

I’m a little wary of IMDb and want to get things right (because I hear it’s difficult to change things once submitted). I’m an IMDbPro member and have an actress page on there already, but never added a new title!

The web series YouTube channel is set up with two trailers uploaded.
I’ve read the Stareable articles on marketing and the ‘legitimacy’ of listing on IMDb.

I’m releasing the first episode on Thursday 16th August so not long to go!

What is your advice?
At what point did you add your web series to IMDb?
Do you have any other tips for listing a show?

I’m creating the entire web series alone. There’s no ‘crew’ to list. I might be adding some people to the ‘thanks’ section later on. Other than that, it’s just me as writer, actress and producer. (I’m doing all the filming and editing too but I don’t see myself as a filmmaker!) Will this be OK?

I would really appreciate any advice you can offer on this topic.

Collene x

(Herman Wang) #2

Personally, I would wait until each episode is released before adding it. That’s what we do: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4331418/

From what you’re describing, it’s as “OK” as any other web series I’ve seen listed. The more episodes you build up, the more legit it’s going to appear to other people.

(Collene Webb) #3

Thank you Herman. :blush:
Your web series looks interesting too!

(Herman Wang) #4

Thanks :slight_smile:
We’re nominated for 6 awards at the upcoming Seoul Webfest (which lets us add IMDB credits to the series)

(Collene Webb) #5

Awesome, well done! :+1:

My web series is called The A to Z of Clueless Experts. It’s a satirical and weird comedy-drama.

(Bri Castellini) #6

I would say that I’d add IMDb pages when you have release dates and all the relevant cast/crew info- that may be after they’ve gone up, that may be right as you premiere, that may be months beforehand! IMDb is a little bit of a pain just because they haven’t updated their interface in 50 damn years, so if you can just get it all out in a single session instead of having to go back and individually edit a bunch of stuff.

I do have a few tips on IMDb, too! From an old article on Stareable actually :slight_smile:

(scroll down a bit to get to the IMDb part)

(Collene Webb) #7

This is really useful to know, thank you Bri. :blush::+1:

All info in a ‘single session’ - I’ll keep this in mind!

I’ve already read the article and several others on Stareable which have been invaluable. :star2: