Why I love All things Star Trek

I’m a huge fan of all things star treks and all the glorious spin offs that followed. I’ve recently started re- watching ST - Next Generation , as it’s been so long since I’ve enjoyed this series, it’s like watching it anew all over again. Plus I found some episodes I missed!

Anyways, aside from just being a fan, I’ve been looking for ideas to make a mini series, my thinking is to create a series that would appeal to a scifi / fantasy / gaming audience ( they all love music / edm ). Now, as I posted in my introduction post, my main gig is music, I started my own label, and make dance music my main genre, - now that we are in a video era, especially for marketing, I have been contemplating ways to fuse the web series concept, scifi, anime and music videos - these are a few of my favorite things!

This is one proof of concept that I created a few years back with that in mind - which had a good reception - also, the more I contemplate the Idea, the fact that there is no voice acting dialogue presents this more as a motion comic / music video series…

  • the video is 7+ years old, i’ve learned new techniques since so while my quality is better these days, i’ve always believed that a good story is worth more than the paper it’s written on -

now back to star trek, of all the new shows and plethora of series available to watch, I find myself defaulting to all things Star trek …and have been analyzing what it is about that series that is so addicting to me … in short - it’s like visiting home.

Firstly - It’s so easy to fall in love with the cast, when I watch my favorite TV shows, I feel as if each of the cast members could be a real life relative or best friend I’d want to visit -

2nd - each star trek series leaves me with some existential thought in my mind, it’s not just a mindless episode, but one embedded with some deep life learning wisdom that I can use in real life.

3rd - the tech is advanced, but still attainable in real life …as if they don’t just make futuristic items, but items we as a people can aspire to make , - what is the iphone, what is Elon Music and space x

4th - each episode leaves me feeling that the character “my friend, cousin, brother etc” would react in the same way I would -except I would have thought to teleport torpedoes to enemy vessels main bridge directly, but i digress-

and this was no accident, there were whole fantasy cultures created around each characters and societies

ie - The Ferengi rules of acquisition, which is the basis of the whole persona of the Ferengi species in the star trek world…

Then there’s the whole sociological science overview of the star trek universe

anyways, it’s these qualities that have me considering what to aspire to for music videos, but in some new web series stylized theme… It’s hard though, my ears are going to start shooting out skittles from the amount of creativity i have to work with from creating music that is Dance floor / radio friendly - to making relative motion comic like music videos with a story line.
The other thing is , it is first a music video, so no voice acting - thus the motion comic book quality.

anyways, I thought the community would appreciate this, it’s been something I’ve been researching and contemplating for years and would love to hear your thoughts on it. I’m really new at the web series / filming concept - so i’m really curious what a person who does this as their own main gig would say.


  • ps the movie Heavy metal was also inspiring

I did this music video a while ago as a love letter to TOS


very cool, i enjoyed the scifi feel it had! reminded me of the Lokai from the original star trek!

The track also had a nice classic 80’s synth pop feel! This would have been popular in the NYC Club Danceteria, that played music videos before mtv was a thing!

thank you for sharing! :smiley:

one idea i had for a storyline series theme, is like star trek, where a group of explorers went searching the universe for any party life after the music industry crashed lol!

monologue - proof of concept video for that idea…