Wow! Rebecca Gold Super fan!

I thought I’d share this with you guys, a Rebecca Gold Superfan, Maaya Kitsune made this Funko Pop of Rebecca. Don’t know about you but I think it’s awesome!!!

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Rebecca Gold fan artwork - by Josianne Chatzinikolaou - man I didn’t know we had super fans :slight_smile:


Hmm, maybe there is a a way for you to sell funko pops as merchandise? how did they even go about getting a customized one? Very cool!

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Apparently, she made it, it’s not for sale but just for her, I think the whole funko pops brand is copyrighted.

More fan art!!! Blimey! :slight_smile:

Yeah. I get that she made it for herself but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a line of these to sell. I just think from the looks of your fanbase you could be making shirts, etc, if you haven’t done that already. People actually sell funko pops on their etsy pages.

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Yep, your right I should consider it.

After having seen season one of Rebecca Gold, I, too, made an attempt at fan art (see image below). Encouraging fan art would increase fan enthusiasm, and ultimately grow a web series’ fan base.

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I recently saw the unabridged version of season one of Rebecca Gold on YouTube. I enjoyed the opportunity to see the continuously developing story as a single 30 minute short film.

Rebecca Gold has intense writing, good acting and combat choreography, and convincing special effects. There is also a science fiction aspect to this web series. Since Rebecca doesn’t age noticeably compared to her former schoolmate, has extraordinary combat skills, and her body is able to eject bullets, it becomes clear that Rebecca has been enhanced, probably at a secret government laboratory.

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