Writing a Sequel Series/Continuation

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I want to thank you all for supporting our endeavors and also want to thank @filmwritr4 for joining on this series. Currently, Chris and I are working on a continuation of the original series, TellyMime in launching a spinoff aptly titled Stuck on the Telly.

My question to you is, if you decide to make a spin-off sequel or continuation of your series, how would you go at it?


That really depends on the style of your show and how much you’re hoping to rely on your existing canon/audience in the new one. I did a spin off “extended universe” project for my web series Brains called Dusk of the Dead: it even has it’s own Stareable page! https://www.stareable.com/series/view/dusk-of-the-dead

We just made sure to upload it to the same Brains channel/ indicate on all materials it was a part of our extended universe, but for all intents and purposes it’s its own show.

So in this case it’s more of an extended universe (a la Marvel). With this series, it’s more of a continuation a la The Connors minus Roseanne.

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Are you hoping the audience comes with you, or are you intending to find a balance of OG audience and new audience who are more interested in the new iteration? I guess what I’m asking is if you intend to assume people already are familiar with the existing work, or assume that people are going to find the new show without any prior context. Because in both cases, marketing is a little different. We stuck to our existing Brains accounts/marketing channels/social media for our spin off, but it was only ever really intended to point people back towards the main web series.

The best way I can say is that the fans can see more of the same but from a different point of view.

Then in that case I’d stick to your existing channels/social media and just make sure the visual branding is distinct- a new primary color for thumbnails, a new style of art for announcements. That way people can tell it’s a part of the same universe, but it’s a new take. And then just keep chugging along with the marketing that’s been successful for the original show!

Thanks, hope you’ve enjoyed TellyMime for the past year. Hence why we’re doing a continuation with the original character Skyheart Z, but not the original actress.

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As @yardlionfilms mentioned, I’m now part of Stuck On The Telly’s writing staff. I thank him very much for giving me the chance to work for his show, and it’s an honor to be part of it. We look forward to sharing the new episodes with you all when the series debuts!

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